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Questions about Best Way to Add new Movies

Aug 7, 2014 at 11:19 PM
Hi, This software look like a very nice little tool..
I have a few question about the best way to use it and still didn't figured out every features..

When I add new movies to my collection and and run the "Search For New Movies" function.. is there anyway way to filter the list to only display the movies that was just added? For me to be able to verify that everything was scrapped correctly, instead of going through the whole collection ? To Easily verify that everything is all clean..
I chould have a working folder only for the new movies I want to populate by MediaCompanion and then move them to my main folder. But I am wondering if there is already a way to handle that better in the application, other case maybe this could be a feature to add down the road..

What happen with a movie that is NOT in imdb.. MovieCompanion map them to a unrelevent movie in the scrapper.. In the "Change Movie" Tab I can't associate it with the good movie. As soon as I click on "Delete Movie Nfo and Artwork" (to dissassociate it from the wrong movie) it completely dissapear from the list.. saying Displaying 48 of 54.. Is there a way I can list/display the non-scrapped movies? to list those 6 ones.. Because currently the only option I see is to click Find new Movies and they will get randomly associated again and be placed all over the list and are hard to find.. I am trying out this new software with only a few of my movies but when its a list of 600, it can be little painfull to find them back..
Should it be considered as a Home movie? if so, can it stlil reside in the same folder as my other movies? (in other word, can "Movie" and "Home Movie" both point to the same folder? I could try that one on my own I'm just scared of breaking someting).

Thanks alot! :)
Aug 7, 2014 at 11:40 PM
Edited Aug 7, 2014 at 11:40 PM
Hi and welcome to Media Companion.

To answer your first question you have three options
  1. have a working folder. Especially good if you have a large movie collection. You can do this two ways.
    a. In Media Companion, Create a working profile. This profile you can set to the Working folder only. Once completed checking the new movies, Cut and Paste from your Working folder, back to your main movie folder. Switch between default and working profile within Media Companion
    b. Have a second copy of Media Companion with your Working folder. Then, as above, once happy with your movie(s), cut and paste to your main movie folder.
  2. On the Movie Browser tab, change Sort Order to 'Date Added' (click the invert order if the most recent is not at the top of the list).
  3. Run through the General Filter. I recommend disabling all filters except the General. To disable/enable filters, right click anywhere on the filters, and select the Configure Movie Filters. Here you can enable/Disable which ever filters you want.
    General filter will show what movies are missing what information. Ie: Year, Certificate, Plot, Fanart...etc.
Second question: Movies not in IMDB.
  1. Are they in TheMovieDB?? You can test by doing the following.
    In Media Companion, Movie Preferences -> Scraper tab, Select Use XBMC Scraper. This is set for TMDB (TheMovieDB).
    Delete movie nfo and Artwork for the movie, and do a new Search. If it is found on TMDB, then your good to go.
    PS. Clicking Delete Movie(s) Nfo and Artwork removes from Media Companion, as if they are ready to scrape for the first time. Don't panic.
  2. (Not released yet but here's a test build). Select the movie, and r-click, select Edit Movie (Alternative). Here you can manually enter movie information for Movie's not listed on IMDB or TMDB sites. You may not be able to scrape artwork, but you can, after saving these details, go to the Fanart tab, and use Google Search button to find Fanart, Go to Poster Tab and use Google Search button to find a poster.
  3. to find movies that failed to scrape, Use the General Filter. Select the option Scraper Error, and any movie not found on IMBD (or TMDB if use XBMC Scraper selected) will be listed.
  4. Movie and Home Movie shouldn't point to the same folder. Home Movie has a different setup. Mainly for User made video's, ie: home cam stuff.
FYI, one reason you are seeing __Displaying 48 of 54, is due to a fix I did for the Year. And is affected by having the Year slider selected.

I hope this is of help. Any further questions, feel free to ask.

Aug 8, 2014 at 1:25 AM
Wow!.. Such a nice answer, so quickly.. totally awesome!..

I knew there was a few hidden function that could take care of my situation ;)

1.1: Not quite sure where the option is for Working profile but a "Scrapping folder" seems a good solution for me, after MediaCompanion did his job of preparing them for XBMC they don't really need to be listed there as they will only be played by XBMC. (I guess I could link MediaCompanion to my xbmc, but I didn't explored that feature yet ;)

1.2: Wow that's awesome, I stupidly assumed it was: A-Z / Z-A and didn't click on it.. I'll know better for next time.. ;) This solve very nicely my question !! :)

1.3: General Filter: once again I didn't explored what was the General Filter assuming it was a kind of rating of the movie.. that feature look sweet but..
it seems to have a few bug over here with it.. .......fixed by removing the year filter! Thanks for the hint, I found my 6 ghosts inputs.. ;)

2.1: Interesting, but no It's not a usual movies, Example Stunt Bikes, Wake Boarding, etc..
here is an example:

I really don't need anything fancy for them.. a Title would do the job..
Should I deal with those like "Home Movie"? or Should I just leave it in the Regular Movie section, Delete every feel and just set the Title, Descrption and Thumbnail as I Feel?.. is there any difference in the end result between filling the info manually in Movie or in Home Movie? I assume it's the same but Home Movie offer less field?..

2.2: Not Released?.. The MediaCompanion I downloaded a week ago have that "Edit Movie (Alternative)" feature.. Maybe I download a Beta by mistake.. V3.5.9.8?
I'm not exactly sure what is the difference between editing the info in the "Edit Movie (Alternative)" new windows, or directly in the right side of the "Movie, Main Browser Tab"?.. Also, there is a slight problem with that new windows "Edit Movie (alternative)", it's missing scroll bar, I am on a NetBook and can't see anything under "TagLine", and it seems there is something on the Right part of the image but I just see like half an inch of it. I tried to Stretch the Windows the most I can but the new Windows OS won't allow me to stretch the windows bigger than what it would be if it was maximized, older version of Windows would let you do that. Anyway all that to say that it could be interesting to have some scroll bar over there, I know I am a minority but it's always a plus for a software to be able to be workable on a smaller screen size when needed ;)

2.3: Nice, could be interesting eventually to have a "Not Scrapped" option to that dropdown. (To list the entry after doing a "Remove NFO and Artwork" instead of completely disapearing)

2.4: I Assume so, what happen if I put them in a Home Movie folder, put in info manually and then move them back to the movie folder, would MediaCompanion freak out?..

Anyway, Great job with this tool, and Thanks alot for the quick and awesome answers, I really didn't expected it as quickly :)
Aug 8, 2014 at 1:39 AM
Just a tought..
It could be interesting also to have "Movie Sets" field for the Home Movie section..
in the past for those motorcycles movie I usually just put manually created a nfo with a Title and a Movie Set "Motorcycles Movies" so they would all be groupped together in XBMC, and they are not 'all over the place' of the regular movies..
Aug 8, 2014 at 2:18 AM
Profiles are set up under the General Preferences. Once two or more profiles are present, there will be a new Profile option alongside the Tools/Help bar in Media Companion.

I also just use MC to scrape movies, and then put them into the main movie folder, forgetting about them. Once scraped, there's no other reason to list them in MC, as they're added to XBMC's library.

Yes, the Year is an issue. If a movie was scraped but not found, the year was set to Zero. In the test build I linked to, this is now default to 1900. But, as you already have not found movies, these would be at Zero.

I wouldn't put those movies, Stunt Bikes, Wake boarding under Home Movies. Reason is, and this answers your last post, Home Movies are locked at Home Movies Movie set.

The Edit Movie (Alternative) did exist in earlier versions, but I have worked a lot of bugs out and made improvements, that make it ideal for one-off or not available videos.

And scroll bars, yes, that would be of help for smaller screens. I'll see what I can do to fix that soonish.

A "Not Scraped" would require we scan all folders for media, and build a list. While it could be done, there are complications, ie: multi-part, Vob's, trailers to name a few that would require filtering.

Aug 12, 2014 at 10:57 PM
Wonderfull, thanks alot :)

I'll get a newer version soon to try the new Edit Movie :)

The Not Scraped would maybe not be that bad, you already go through each folder on 'Refresh', and there is already a function to search all of the Not Scraped one as the first step of the "Search for new Movies'. Maybe just call that first step in the refresh feature, but I don't know how slow it could be for big collections as I am tested features with a limited list..
Aug 12, 2014 at 11:58 PM
Nope, still not convinced. LOL.

It might be something to add down the track, but not for now.
Aug 13, 2014 at 12:08 AM
Ohh. I'm not pushing you to do it.. I was just brainstorming about it.. for sure you know more than me about your code ;)