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Apr 3, 2016 at 12:45 PM
Edited Apr 3, 2016 at 1:28 PM
Was doing a big spring clean of my movie collection and had a few small questions / suggestions. Maybe these are already possible but here goes:
  1. Folder size is always coming up as 00.00GB on my fanart when I have this option enabled.
  2. Any thoughts on skinning options for the app? A dark theme could be pretty good!
  3. I have some movies which come up as not being identified yet have the name and other media inserted (correctly). Is there any way I can find all movies which haven't been identified in my collection in order to rescrape them? Batch rescraper doesn't seem to have an option to rescrape movies which haven't been identified.
  4. Along with media tags, is there any way to see the Video / audio bitrates?
Anyhow, keep up the fantastic work. This app is a god-send for me!!
Apr 3, 2016 at 7:12 PM
Hi, I'll answer as best as possible.
  1. Foldersize showing 00.00GB
    Folder size has one big flaw, if the movie was in the root movie folder not it's own sub folder.
    ie: Z\Movies\titanic.mkv
    Foldersize would get the size of the root movie folder, including all sub folders and all files. Basically like getting the property for the root folder will give you the total size of including all files and folders.
    This was changed to only calculate a sub folder's size
    ie: Z:\Movies\Titanic\titanic.mkv
    Gets only the folder size of Titanic folder.
  2. Skinning.
    Sorry, but how the app has been created from initial conception, this is not posssible.
  3. Un-identified movies.
    In the General filter, there is a listing for UnScraped. Select this, then each movie that couldn't be scraped, you will need to manually Change Movie.
    You can't Batch Rescrape unidentified movies, as they are, well, unidentified.
  4. We don't currently scrape the bitrates, as Kodi doesn't use this data. (If this has changed in Kodi, I'd love to know)
Hope these answers are of some help.