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When does MC container type becomes .bdmv instead of .m2ts

May 19, 2016 at 5:24 AM
whats the criteria MC uses when scraping a blu-ray folder layout that it populates the nfo file with container type as .bdmv versus .m2ts because depending on the option chosen Kodi shows a different menu. For example when i create a Blu-ray 3D folder from a Bluray 3D movie originally saved as an ISO and then expand that ISO into the standard bluray folder layout and then scrape it. MC will chose .m2ts which is not correct to the PowerDVD external player.

When i hand modify the nfo and change it from .m2ts to .bdmv and scrape that into Kodi, when i select the movie, kodi shows a option for Blu-Ray Menu and i select that, then Kodi executes the script i have modified for external players and invokes PowerDVD which then plays the movie in 3D mode and my tv automatically changes into 3D mode and the movie plays normally.

I just wanted to know what circumstances that will cause MC to populate the container tag with .bdmv versus .m2ts
May 19, 2016 at 8:31 AM
Please post up an example of pre and modified NFO.
As for PowerDVD external Player, is this playing from Kodi? or playing from Media Companion?
If from Media Companion, then we create a playlist file using the largest m2ts file to pass in the M3U file.

I only have one test BD in folder structure,

MC scrapes the m2ts as the container, as that is the actual stream file it reads to get the video stream details (the largest m2ts file is read).

As far as I understood, Kodi doesn't read or use the <container> tag, this is only for Media Companion.

When I add the movie to Kodi, and try and play it, Kodi 16 comes up with four options,
Play Main Title 100
Play Main Title 101
Select from all titles...
Show Blu-ray menu.
May 19, 2016 at 10:51 AM
this being invoking external player from Kodi.

pre modified snippet
            <bitratemax>38.0 Mbps</bitratemax>
Hand Modified snippet
    <bitratemax>38.0 Mbps</bitratemax>
changed just aspect and container. I did some additional testing switching between the two and the same menu does show up either way. Most times i end up modifying the durationseconds tag as depending on the blu-ray layout it at times shows a much lower number so i just copy the one this tag from the 2D nfo. On a few occasions i also modify the audio tags as sometimes it will be showing only say 2 channels, based upon what it scraped (older version of MC) and i replace it. Also what exactly is the formatinfo tag value means? It's also possible that when i was playing around at first with this i had noticed that in certain cases kodi would should the bluray emblem in the movie information after changing it to .bdmv, however later i discovered that if in the folder name i had string bluray in it, that was what was causing the the bluray emblem to show up for example folder named as MyMovie - Bluray 3D was the thing that then had kodi show the bluray emblem and also side benefit was that MC would also show the 3D emblem.
May 19, 2016 at 6:51 PM
Thanks for the examples. The aspect ratio issue may be due to us having stepped backwards in mediainfo version for compatability.

duration in seconds. Well, this has been debated and options added to MC.
We get durationinseconds from the largest m2ts file. This can be over-ridden to use the scraped runtime instead in durationinseconds.
<formatinfo> is a code for the subgroup of the codec, think of it as like High 4.1 or 3.0 etc, Don't think it is really used anywhere, but it was requested at one time.

For audio, I believe MC tries to select the default track, but falls back to the first track in your selected language.

Yes, Kodi will look for info in the filename. Bluray, 3D, HSBS, TAB etc.
Media Companion will note these in in the <source> tag, but doesn't show the BluRay logo.

So, to the .m2ts or .bdmv issue.
I can change this behaviour in Media Companion, and internally set MC to switch .bdmv to m2ts for our purposes. So I'm thinking I will set .bdmv as the container for BluRay.

Try and get this in for the next release.
May 21, 2016 at 3:22 AM
thanks for that.

Also just for clarification Kodi also sets the Bluray logo even if the folder has the keyword Bluray in it name much like MC does for the 3D but i have to fully test that option if it turned on for either it being in the folder name or just the title contains the value 3D. In my case its both in the folder name and also part of the title in the nfo file where i manually place the value 3D in it, so i got lucky by doing it in both places. Since im planting the whole bluray structure down as is i can't modify the names otherwise Powerdvd won't work. So glad that you are in fact picking it up for the 3D part either for title in the nfo and/or the folder name as it was a pleasant surprise for me.
May 25, 2016 at 1:20 AM
After some testing last night found out that MC turns on the 3D emblem only if the title contains 3D in the nfo. You probably already know that but thought i would just add it here. I was using
May 25, 2016 at 2:14 AM
Yes, only way way we can determine if the file is 3D.

I suspect it also detects if in the folder name, but the option
Use Foldername for scraping would need to be enabled.

Never checked, but should be like that. Interested to know if it isn't.