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Question Renaming Files "Regex"

Jul 13, 2016 at 11:50 AM
On tab Regex there's on the right side a list labeled "Rename".
Below there's a field "New Regex" and "Edit Regex".

BUT neither of the Text displayed her is a regular expression (as far as I am used to regular expressions). "Show Title - S01E01 - Episode Title.ext" is no regular expression but mor a descriptiove result.

Is there any documentation available how to build filesnames ? I only found the (good) description of how to parse filenames during scraping ( But theres no word about the renameing process.

Maybe I'm a liittle bit blind. Sorry if thats the case. I would like to check wheter renaming my files could be managed with Media Companion too. Currently I use FileBot for this as it has great flexibility for specifying filenames.

I would name my files i.e. like this:
Death in Paradise\ ...
Death in Paradise S01\ ...
Death in Paradise - S01E01 - Willkommen im Paradies\ ..

It's not a issue, if media companion does not have the flexibility to satisfy my wisches in this area. It need not fulfill every possibility. Doing less but this in a stable way is all right. I only want to understand what is already possible at this time.

Jul 13, 2016 at 7:55 PM
TV episode renaming does not support creating or renaming of folders.
It will only rename the episode file as per the selected format, or variation as per the renaming.
This section is very simple, and only the format of the season and episode is reversed to a regex in Media Companion.

At this time, I won't be adding creation of folders, or renaming of folders for TV section of Media Companion. It is on the roadmap, but when instigated, it will only be for the TV Series folder (renaming), and the season folder (creation and renaming).
Episodes in their own subfolder will not be created.

The extra path length will cause some problems, as I believe you have experiencing.

Is the need to have your episode in its own folder due to your media software? Also, on having the series title in the season 01 folder?
in your above example, the path length is already 166 characters.
Creating as
Death in Paradise\ ...
S01\ ...
is only 96 characters

Not trying to cause issues, but wishing to understand.

Jul 14, 2016 at 2:23 PM
First one remark - I do not suggest to put effort into this area. I do not see the priority as there are other tools available which will do renaming tasks. So this could be "at nice to have if time left"

I am used to have seperated subfolders as several sources I get episodes from provide this schema. But besides this, seperated folders have been required 8as far as I know) by my older media player, a WD TV Life and the associated software. I'm currrently switching to KODI as this is ruznning at a Raspberry Pi perfectly substituting the WD (Except with ISOs where I have some troubles getting them into the library...) Selecting Episodes was more or less directory structure driven at the WD player. So it was handy to see the episode titels an other info in the directory name.

As I did not detect length problems until now, so I did not consider shorting the path names. Your are right, I should do this an i.e. remove the episode titels.

I most likely will NOT remove the additional infos in the filename especially as I want to override files differing i.e. in resolution, audio coding, source (WebRip / DVDRip, ...) or content ("uncut").

Thanks for the feedback.

Jul 14, 2016 at 7:19 PM

I understand now why some users have this structure.
(I know this is personal, but never understood why having the tv series title in the season and also in the filename, as you can see in Explorer, what the root folder is.
But as mentioned, that's just me, and you've explain why).

I do want to support long path/file-names, but as of now, I am too unfamiliar with some of the hacks to support this in Media Companion. Hopefully it will be done in the future.
Jul 15, 2016 at 3:53 PM
Well I think I missed one point to make it more clear why for some units seperated folders are usefull.

In KODI environment, a folder.jpg simply display a picture for the series or season. As my older WDTV could NOT interpret nfo files and process text but would display background images, the folder.jpg has been "misused" by tools to display information about an episode by coding the text info into the picture. So if one would like to see different infops (plots) for different episodes, seperate folders are a must as multiple folder.jpg are impossible within one folder. OK I know, thet there heve been files named <episode>_sheet.jpg and so on too. But I do not remember what namings where for the original firmware and which features have been added by some "user" firmeware later...

But anyway - theres no need in Kodi environment, so shorting the pathnames is no real problem - besides some work :-)