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Remark field / Todo field / User action field - a feature suggestion / call for comments

Jul 26, 2016 at 10:50 AM
I do not know whether this has been discussed (I could not find a topic) but I would like to get other oppinions for the following suggestion:

I would like to have some general REMARK FIELD to add infos at series level. This info should be visible (i.e. by using a mouse over hint box) in the tree view. I would like to store some "todo" actions there, i.e. for Serie Extend S02 I sould like to add a remark to rescrape as soon as I or someone else added german descriptions to TheTVDB. For other Series I would like to add a hint, that some episode is broken od a season is desired with higher quality.

The funktionality could be compared to the remark on can attach to every cell in microsofts excel.

So I suggest to add the possibility to rightclick on a series title openbeing a textbox. What's written in the bos is up to the user. If some data is store in thes "box" a symbol in the treeview (or a different font ...) should indicate this. Moving the mouse over would display the text. At least this would be the comfrt version. At least the presence of such a remark should be visible directly in the tree view to avoid opening 100++ series but allowing a fast access to those series where anything is noted ( or left todo).

If this is a feature noone other would be interested, please forget. But I would like to trigger a discussion abort this. Although if the effort seems unrealistic (- that's up to the maintainers to decide -) drop the idea.

I'm interested in any feedback

Jul 26, 2016 at 7:21 PM
That is a feature that is more difficult to add to MC than you'd expect.
And MC would need to add this to the tvseries.xml, which causes complications with the command-line tool mc_com.exe.

While it seemed a interesting suggestion, I have to say a notebook beside your PC, or Notepad on your PC would keep these details for easier access.

Sorry, but not a feature that would be suited to incorporate into Media Companion.
Jul 27, 2016 at 8:28 AM
While I fully accept your decisions, I would like to say, that a second program is NOT identical to an integrated solution.

For the technical side, adding the info into tvseries.xml would not be mandatory. A new / second file (in theory even a text file) would do the job too and avoid any conflict with other programs using tvseries.xml.

But again, it's always the decision of the developer.

Thanks for evaluating the suggestion and giving feedback.
And trhanks for creating and maintaining MC to all of you spensing time for this