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MC scraping old IMDB episode ratings/votes

Jan 14 at 12:25 PM
I'm trying to update my episode ratings but it appears that MC (v3.6.6.9 32 bit) is scraping old IMDB ratings.
Rectify S01E01 scraped 8.2 and 505 votes but should be 8.3 and 585
Rectify S01E02 scraped 8.2 and 440 votes but should be 8.2 and 487
Rectify S01E03 scraped 8.2 and 346 votes but should be 8.2 and 441

I understand that the scraper may revert to TVDB ratings if there isn't an IMDB rating, but this usually happens when episode ordering in IMDB and TVDB differ.
This isn't the case here as they are in sync and TVDB doesn't get that many episode votes.
I've tested in other series and it does the same, with the odd episode reverting to TVDB rating.
Not that important but I thought you should know.
Jan 14 at 4:39 PM
To get the episode ratings from IMDB, MC uses Omdbapi, which has data that may be out of date by a day or two.

It was the only method that was quick, easy to implement, and didn't have long delay's like trying to data mine IMDb's web pages.
Trying to get live, or update to date data from IMDb directly, sometimes added up to 2 seconds extra during scraping of each episode.
If users were batch rescraping, this added a tremendous amount of time for the process to complete.
I also found we had more failures and IMDb's protection against attacks by mass access kicked in and caused all sorts of fun issues.

Apologies for the out of date data, but at this time, its the best we can do to ensure consistent and speed access to the data required.
Jan 22 at 4:58 PM
I thought there must be a reason for it. No need to apologise, keep up the good work.
Jan 23 at 2:49 AM
New fix for this is in place for the next release of Media Companion.
If Rating/Votes from IMDB, first try IMDB, second Omdbapi, finally fall back to TVDb.