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All scrapes using wrong title

Feb 27 at 6:18 PM
I just started to use Media Companion to help build the needed NFOs to allow for importing of my movie library into different media servers but running into trouble.

Every time I try to scrape to build the my library, I get almost every single movie returned with " Movie Title is invalid". Looking at the log, almost every movie returns the following message:

Scraping Title: The Greatest Game Ever Played
Unable to scrape body with refs "The Greatest Game Ever Played (2005)", "2005", "", ""
IMDB may not be available or Movie Title is invalid

The filename for the example above is "The Greatest Game Ever Played (2005).avi" per the best practices information, but it appears that it is searching for the movie with a title of "The Greatest Game Ever Played (2005)" from the year 2005. But since the title is not correct, it will never find anything. It does seem to know that the number in the () is the year, but does not seem smart enough to remove it from the title when searching for the name.

It is a real pain to let it take a while to search for these movies where 95% of them fail with the same message and then have to manually go back to add them.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?
Feb 27 at 7:11 PM
Please go to Movie Preferences, Scraper Tab, and select
Use TMDB XBMC Scraper, and select which tags you wish to have scraped from IMDb.

The TMDb scraper is superior that Media Companion's inbuilt IMDb scraper, as IMDb is a fickle beast.