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How to edit manual added TV show episode?

Jun 26 at 10:35 AM
I have added a TV show(Geo Epoche), the episodes 25-74 has been found well but the episode 1-24 are not on TheTVBD therefore i have added them manually with the NFO file. Unfortunately after i have added them i can't edit it, always after press save button the changes are set back.
Per example the Umlauts of one episode titel(Sturm �ber Europa V�lkerwanderung) is not shown correctly, if i try to save my change it will be set back immediately. The same thing if i change something in the plot or director or anything else.

This issue doesn't happens if i change something on an automatic added episode, there i can change anything.

Is this a setting somewhere that manual added espisodes are locked?
Jun 27 at 5:36 AM
Could you post a TVDB link to this series.

There is no manual NFO editor for Series or this time.
But if you were to make a nfo, i would suggest at least to have the TV series tag in the nfo, and ensure this is the TVDB for the selected series.
<showid>tvdb series ID</showid>
This should allow you to edit/save in Media Companion.

I know MC also uses episode UniqueId, but as you have said, can't find episodes 25-74, so no uniqueid available.

I hope this is of help.
Jun 27 at 9:38 AM
It is

I made a account on TVDB and entered the 3 missing episodes 1-3. It is working now with MC, but anyway a manual NFO Editor would be great ;)

I will try what i can do with your suggestion.
Thank you!