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Media Companion MC3.619b

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Change Set: cd65dd80e9d5
Released: May 13, 2015
Updated: May 13, 2015 by vbat99
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Release Notes

Some new features for this release, and the big one is MovieSet Artwork, and three new filters

Bug Fix release with TV Gui fix

MovieSet (or Collection) artwork requires users to run the new tool off the Movie menu, Movie Set ID Check.
This tool will run over your entire movie library, updating the Movie Set ID from TheMovieDB. With this info in place, users can check out Fanart and Poster Tabs, for the new button to display Movie Set Artwork.

You Will need to set the correct save location of this artwork, so please check out the slight layout change to Movie Preferences, and spot the Artwork Tab.
Within here, you can select to save MovieSet artwork to the Collection folder, or to a Central folder for all Movie Set artwork.

Users can also select to Auto-Download MovieSet artwork on scraping of a Movie, though if you have not selected to automatically rename the movie and folders, it is suggested to set MC to store this artwork to a Central Folder.

Finally, in XBMC/Kodi, you'll need the Movie Set Artwork Automator addon. the Frodo/Gotham version also functions in Helix and Isengard.
Set up this addon and it will upload your locally saved MovieSet artwork to the XBMC/Kodi Database.

Last change is on the MovieSet and Tags Tab. MovieSet list has been revamped to display if the Movieset has a TMDB Id, and if the Fanart and/or Poster is stored locally. Double-clicking on the green Tick, will show you the selected artwork.
Also, on the Movie Browser Tab, if the movie is in a MovieSet, and the Fanart/Poster is present, the ExtraArtwork panel becomes visible, and users can click on Set Fanart or Set Poster to display relevant image.


  • Movie - Added Movie Set ID Check under Tool-bar Movies.
  • MC - Added H265/HEVC overlay icon.
  • Movies: Added new Folder Size filter. You need to click the Refresh button to get this filter working for the first time.
  • Movies: Added new Runtime filter.
  • Movies: Added new Default language filter
  • Movie Sets - Auto Download Set artwork to selected location.
  • Movie Sets - If Set artwork is present, display "Set Poster" &/or "Set Fanart" in Extra Artwork panel.
  • Movie Sets - Fanart & Poster Tabs updated to allow display of MovieSet Fanart or Posters
  • Movie Sets - Added to Batch Rescrape Wizard and to Rescrape Specific.
  • Movie Sets - Altered Movie Set Tab. Displays Set name, if TMDB Id, and if Fanart or Poster is present. Double click the tick of fanart or poster to display artwork.
  • Movies: Add language to fanart overlay


  • Movie - Added 'DVD' to Video Source list
  • Movie - Fixed showing Duplicates to exclude movies with no IMDB ID.
  • Movie - Added CreateDate to TableView Columns.
  • Movie - Fixed TMDB scraping with filename containing underscore character.
  • Movie - context-menu download poster updates missing poster count.
  • TV - Fixed saving show Sort Title to tvshow.nfo.
  • mccom.exe - Fixed moviesetcache code for mccom.exe
  • Movies : Updated the DefaultCertificateMappings.xml file. To pick up the new mappings, delete your CertificateMappings.xml file. A new one will be automatically created from the DefaultCertificateMappings.xml when MC is restarted.
  • Media Tags - Added missing language codes
  • Movies: Bug fix - On datagridview mouse double-clicked, only play movie if actually over one.
  • Movies: Bug fix - Languages filter was doing an AND join when it should have been doing an OR to retrieve movies in any of the selected languages (in multi-select mode).
  • Movie - Tags Tab. Improved adding/Removing tags from Movie(s). Now can add or remove specific tags from Multiple selected movies, without overwriting their existing tags.
  • Movie - Extra Artwork preview. Improved scaling of picturebox depending on image and size of Media Companion

Added Fixes

  • FIx TV Gui
  • Movie - TableView Fix Certificate always prefixed with 'Rated'
  • Movie - DataGrid bug fix.

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