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Media Companion 3.629b

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Released: Sep 20, 2015
Updated: Sep 21, 2015 by vbat99
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Application Media Companion 3.629b x86.exe
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Application Media Companion 3.629b x64.exe
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Release Notes

Plenty of new features, fixes and improvements.

With this new build, is one feature I've always wanted to add. Export MC library to Kodi Import format
This feature off the Tools heading, allows to export Movies and TV Series to a specified folder, in the same format as Kodi Exports the Library to a Single File. Including artwork and actor images.
NB: Extra artwork types are not supported by Kodi Import, so Fanart.Tv files are not exported by Media Companion.
Hope to have up-to-date information on MC Documentation link by end of the week.
So, you ask why? This is perfect for starting your database in Kodi from Scratch. Instead of having to run the scraper over your entire Movie Collection and TV Series, all data is contained in one location for Kodi to import.
Play, test, let me know if there are any problems.

Snuck another feature into this release. Hopefully not too quick that it breaks anything. On Movie & Tag Sets Tab, right-click a Movie Set and select show Movies in Collection to display all movies in selected collection and whether you have any of these movies.
This is a Work-In Progress, and required some changes to MovieSetCache file.
Note: If you get warnings on no TMDB ID, please run Movie Set ID Check which will do two things.
1. If a Movie is in a Set, with no TMDB ID, then the TMDB ID is scraped and saved to the Movie.
2. Downloads info for all collections for all movies allocated to a collection.
This last one speeds up displaying of Movies in a Collection.

As Mentioned, This was put together and tested, but could produce some crashes where I didn't catch Oops's correctly.

As Always, post up discussion or Issues, and you'll get some sort of an answer.


  • Media Companion x86 build and x64 build.
  • Movie - Include ShowLink tag to movie nfo's. Allows to link a Movie to a TV Series.
  • Movie - Alt Editor, Add series listbox for easy selection of cached tvSeries for showlink.
  • Movie - New option to save Media Runtime into Movie Runtime tag.
  • Movie - Added context menu to Movie Sets tab, to display Movies in the selected collection and if currently have any of the movies
  • Movie - Changed Movie Set ID Check to also refresh Movies in Collection data.
  • Movie - Updated moviesetcache to include movies in the collection.
  • Movie - Refreshing Movies, do not discard movie collection info unless Collection no longer in database.
  • Movie - Keep 3D SBS and TAB in Title, also in Filename when renaming.
  • Movie - Add Missing Stars to General Filter.
  • Movie - Sets tab, Added context option scrape fanart and scrape poster
  • Media Companion - Toggle root folder selection by spacebar, or mouseclick on checkbox.
  • Media Companion - Export Movie and TV data to Kodi Import format. Excellent if setting up new Kodi install.


  • Movie - Fanart and Poster tab, paste from clipboard auto-saves pasted image.
  • Movie - Fix DVD Media info, get from largest vob set.
  • Movie - Fix incorrect error message if movie in a set and no artwork.
  • Movie - Fix scraping Top 250 from IMDB.
  • TV - If on Refresh a series folder is found that does not have a tvshow.nfo, offer to remove series folder from list of series folders.
  • TV - Add episode regex, xxExx format.
  • TV - Fix episode media tags for subtitles.
  • Media Companion - Get durationinseconds from malformed MKV file.
  • Media Companion - Subtitles now tagged if default subtitle.

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So far looking good. 64bit is nice and snappy :-) Few silly things I can't quite put my finger on yet...
by ingeon on Oct 15, 2015 at 6:10 PM