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Using MC with XBMC

Updating XBMC

When making changes to a show or movie, it may be necessary to refresh the media in XBMC for the changes to show up. While this is done in an over-arching way when adding a source in XBMC, rebuilding the cache in this way can take a long time and can disrupt the watched marks.
Fortunately, it is possible to have XBMC re-scan media individually. The exact process will depend on your skin and settings, but the basic idea is to navigate to the specific media in XBMC via the folder browser, bring up the context menu, and select change content. Note that this option will not appear in the media library under TV Shows or Movies, but only in the folder browser.
It is not necessary to make any changes in the Change Content window, simply select Ok and the local media info will be re-scanned, reflecting any recent changes made in MC.

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