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Managing Images from Fanart.TV

Fanart.TV has a great range of extra images that Media Companion can Auto-Scrape, or the user can manually select from the Fanart.TV tab.
Note 1: Movies will need to be in separate folders
Note 2: To use these images you will need to get the XBMC/Kodi addon Artwork Downloader currently at this Kodi Forum Link. Artwork Downloader will load local images found with your Movie and add these images to XBMC/Kodi database.


As you can see, there are a number of images available for the move in the above example above.

Selecting any of the available image types will populate preview images in the right-side panel.
If you have an existing image, it is displayed at the bottom left.
Double click any preview or existing image to get a Zoomed version. (NB: Double click zoomed image to return).

Once you have selected an image, the Save button will appear.

Note: As at time of writing this Wiki-page, the naming convention is <imagetype>.extn, but plans are in place to change this to <moviename>-<imagetype>.extn. There is already the option to select the new naming convention in Movie Preferences -> Artwork tab.

More Info on Media Companion Movie Fanart.Tv functionality can be seen at this document. Images From Fanart.Tv

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