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Media Stubs tab

As of v11 (Eden), Kodi has support for offline media stub files. These are files that represent a media outside of the online digital infrastructure and allow Kodi's library to catalogue your "offline" media collection, as well as ask for the media when selected for playback.

note... Due to a bug in XBMC v12 to v14, stubs won't display their custom message if XBMC/Kodi does not detect an optical drive connected to your HTPC.

Similar to Media Companion's Offline Movie function, but media Stub files are natively supported in XBMC/Kodi. Media Stub files have the extension -.disc-


On the Movie Stub tab, you can create custom files that are stored a a separate Root folder.
Note: - It is highly recommended to keep the .disc files separate from your main Root movie folders. specially as this makes maintaining them easier.


Media Companion handles these files as if they were the actual media file, allowing Scraping of artwork and nfo.


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