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Movie Perferences - Artwork Tab

All the art that is the Art. Where users go to select what Artwork to Scrape, and how to save it.


Autoscrape Artwork

Here you select what artwork you wish to download as the movie gets scraped.  Fanart.TV artwork can be selected by artwork type.  The default is one of each artwork if available.  Or the User can click Select Art, and choose which artwork type gets downloaded.  Note:  Use of XBMC/Kodi Addon Artwork Downloader is required to upload Fanart.TV Images into XBMC/Kodi Database.  See this link to the Forum

If the user has movies in separate folders, they can allow download of Extra Fanart/Thumbs.  Note:  These images are XBMC/Kodi skin specific.  Some skins may not show these art types.

If the movie is in a Set, the Movie Set Poster and Fanart can be downloaded, if not already present. 


Extra Artwork options.

Set the Limit of ExtraFanart, Choose to download ExtraThumbs or ExtraFanart, or both (Or none)

If Movies are in separate folders, users can choose to save default artwork without the <moviename>- in the filename.  Or, allow saving of folder.jpg and fanart.jpg for when browsing their folders in XBMC/Kodi File Mode.


Movie Poster Priority

Place preferred sources in order of priority.  In the below example, MC will search TheMovieDB first, if no poster found, tries IMDB, then MoviePosterDB and finally IMPA.


MovieSet Artwork location

Use of the XBMC/Kodi Add-on MovieSet Artwork Automator is required to upload MovieSet Fanart and Posters to XBMC/Kodi database.  See this Forum link.

There are a couple of methods to store the Fanart and Poster for Movie Sets, and I have selected two options.

1.  To Movie Collection Folder.  This assumes you have a Parent MovieSet folder, with all Movies in the Set in separate sub folder.


  • X:\Movies\Die Hard Collection\Die Hard (1988)\movienameblablabla
  • X:\Movies\Die Hard Collection\Die Hard  2 (1990)\movienameblablabla

Then Movie Set Poster and Fanart will be saved into

  • X:\Movies\Die Hard Collection\poster.jpg
  • X:\Movies\Die Hard Collection\fanart.jpg

2.  To Central Folder.  This option requires that the selected folder can be access by XBMC/Kodi, but all MovieSet Artwork is stored in one location. (Highly Recommended Option)


  • X:\MovieSetArt\Die Hard Collection-poster.jpg
  • X:\MovieSetArt\Die Hard Collection-fanart.jpg
  • X:\MovieSetArt\Hunger Games Collection-poster.jpg
  • X:\MovieSetArt\Hunger Games Collection-fanart.jpg
  • etc


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