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Movie Preferences - Advanced Tab

Both the Advanced and Advanced2 Tabs are over-runs of settings.  Some of these settings will be moved to General Preferences, as they are global to both Movie and TV scraping.


Download Actor Thumbs.

Not be be mistaken with the option in General Preferences (Save Actor thumbs to .actor folder), Here Users can set up a central Actor folder to reduce duplicate actor images.  This location is used by Movie and TV functions.

Select ‘Enable Save Actor Thumbs’ and choose to leave MC to save actors as default, or ‘Save actor as Actor_Name.extn’ (Recommend to save as Actor_Name.extn).  Actors will be saved by first letter of first name, so there will be 26 Sub Folders, from A – Z

Local Path is the path Media Companion uses to save the actor images.

XBMC Path.  XBMC/Kodi needs to be able to see this path, as the thumbnail url in the nfo, is changed to point to this location for XBMC/Kodi to load the Actor’s Image.


Nfo Poster Options.

Poster Urls can be loaded in the Movie’s Nfo allowing XBMC/Kodi to quickly allow changing of the artwork from within XBMC/Kodi. None, selected sources or all can be added to the Movie’s nfo.


Root folder check and Clean Filename.

Root folder check.  When enabled, MC maintains strict control whether to allow certain artwork to be saved, depending on the Movies Root path.  Un-checked, and users can add just the Movies folder to Media Companion to allow updating of a specific movie without worry that Media Companion will halt saving of select artwork.

Clean Filename Settings.  Users can add to the default of list of entries sometimes found in “acquired” files.  These entries are temporarily removed from the filename before searching for the Movie Title.  Helps in ensuring the correct Movie is Scraped.


Video Source.

If there is a match between entries in the Video Source list and in the Filename of the Movie being scraped, this entry is then allocated to the Source field.



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