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Movie Preferences - General Tab

General settings are for those superlative settings from setting MPAA search order, to Renaming options.


Main General Options.

Mostly self explanatory in what these options are for.


Offline DVD Settings, Move List options

The first section is for Media Companion’s Build-in Offline movie Function.  Media Companion creates a basic video file with the phrase shown in the first line – ‘Please Load %T Media To Play’.  These Offline Movies files are scraped by Media Companion as if they were the video file, pointing to removable media, i.e. DVD or Blu-ray.  This function has mostly been replaced by Media Stub files.  See Link.

The two Movie List options are to show Plot and/or Watched indicators in the Movie Browser List.

Last option is to still show movie info in Movie Browser List, even if the actual Video file is missing. e.g.: nfo is present, but video file has been removed, or replaced and not named the same as the nfo.  Good for checking of missing video files.


Naming Mode.

Here users can select how Multi-part movies are structured in relation to the nfo and artwork.


Rename Movie Settings.

There is a plethora of options to set as Renamed Folder or Renamed Movie.

Enabled Manual Movie Renaming option is for use of the Movie Context menu Renaming Movie and/or Movie Folder.  Option must be enabled else user is not allowed to select Renaming from the context menu.


Certificate Priorities.

Place in your preferred fall-back order for getting a Movies Certificate or MPAA


Movie Filter options

Set these options to your preference



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