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Movie Sets Section of Movie & Tag Sets tab

This tab is split into two parts, Movie Sets and Manual Tag maintenance.
Here we will discuss the Movie Sets section.
*Note: Only one MovieSet can be allocated to a Movie.


From here on, Collections or Sets will be referred to as MovieSets.
Generally, MovieSet names are retrieved from during movie scraping, rescraping etc, but the user can also create a custom set. Ie: Van Dam Collection, or any naming they choose.
These custom MovieSet names can then be allocated to a movie via the Movie Browser tab, or the Table View.

MovieSets are shown on the Movie & Tag Sets tab, with information like TMDB Set ID, if there is downloaded MovieSet Fanart or Poster. Depicted by a Green Tick or Red X.
User's can also right click any field to bring up other options.

Right-Click on the MovieSet name,


and users can Select to list of all movies in the selected MovieSet, including if these movies are in the Library or not.


Right-Click the TMDB ID field, and users can set the TMDB ID Manually


Right-Click on the Fanart field, and users can attempt to scrape the MovieSet fanart.


And Right-Click on the Poster field to attempt to scrape the MovieSet Poster.


If a User wishes to remove a Set, they can select the MovieSet and click the Remove Selected button.
Also, if the list is maybe outdated, Click the Repopulate from Used button, will refresh the list of MovieSets from movies in your library.

Note: If a user adds a custom MovieSet then presses the Repopulate from Used button, the custom MovieSet will disappear. This is due to no movie being allocated to the new custom MovieSet.
Once a Movie is allocated to a MovieSet, Scraped from TMDB or Custom, it will show in the list above.

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