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Open Source Terms

  • Source Code - source code is text written in a computer programming language.
  • Repository - The repository contains the history of your project
  • Working Directory - The working directory is the top-level directory in a repository, in which the plain versions of files are available to read, edit and build.
  • Branch - Branches occur if lines of development diverge. The term "branch" may thus refer to a "diverged line of development". For Mercurial, a "line of development" is a linear sequence of consecutive changesets. Combining a line of development into an existing one is called merging.
  • Change Set - is a collection of changes to files in a source code repository
  • Merging - A merge combines two separate changesets in a repository into a merge changeset that describes how they combine. Merging is the process of joining points on two branches into one, usually at their current heads.
  • Tip - "tip" is a built-in tag referring to the latest changeset created, either by "hg commit" or "hg pull". Use "hg tip" to see the tip's log entry.
  • Head - A head is a changeset with no child changesets. The tip is the most recently changed head. Other heads are recent pulls into a repository that have not yet been merged.
  • Fork - a project fork happens when developers take a copy of source code and start independent development on it, creating a distinct piece of software. Often a fork is used to try a new feature & see if it pans out. If it does, it can be merged with the main program later on by a Project Owner only.
  • Commit - The act of creating a changeset is called a commit

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