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Quick Start Guide - Adding TV Shows

Adding your TV Shows to MC is very similar to adding Movies, with only a few differences. If you have already read the Best Practices Guide it should pretty easy to start using MC to organize your shows.

When you first go to the TV Shows tab, you will see the Main Browser, and it will be blank like this:

shows blank.jpg

To begin adding your media, head over to the Folders screen and you will see two blank panes. Each offers a different way to add your media to MC depending on how your media is organized.

shows folders blank.jpg

The left panel is for root folders, and is where you can add any folders that have multiple shows in them. Root folders can be any folder on your system which contains tv shows, but each show must be in it's own folder within the root folder.
If there are folders with different seasons of the same show in a root folder they will not be recognized correctly by MC.They should either be added individually of combined into a single folder for the show.
If your shows are split up into folders by genre, or have any similar organization, then those folders containing the folders for the individual shows should be set as root folders, not the folder containing all those organizational folders.
For example: D:\Shows\Action\24\
Action should be set as the root folder since it is the one that directly contains the tv show folders.

The left pane will be populated by any shows MC finds in the root folders you have set once you select the Add folders from Roots button.
This is also where you have the option to add any show folders that are floating around lose without any other shows in their parent folders.
Even after you have added all your shows to MC, this pane can be helpful as you perfect your media collection because you can add and remove specific show folders as changes are made without having to start from the beginning.

Once you have added some folders to MC it should look something like this:

shows folders populated.jpg

At this point you are ready to click Save Changes and MC will scan the folders you have selected and populate the Main Browser, so when you head over there it will look something like this:

shows populated.jpg

Adding many shows in one go may take a while as MC scrapes the info for any shows it finds, and on first use you may have to select Search for new Episodes from the TV Shows menu as you will probably be starting from scratch.

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