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Current Release

MC 3.680b   2017-09-29


  • MC - Change update check to SourceForge page.
  • MC - Change all links to SourceForge site.


  • TV Fix issue Drag Drop series.
  • TV Series fix for proto loading of xml file with duplicate nodes (fix for multiple Genres in tvshow.nfo)
  • Movie Improved export file routine to incorporate if Movie is in a folder, and Use folder or All movies in folders option selected.
  • Movie Fix display of Votes
  • Movie 2nd fix for movie scrape if local <moviename>.jpg exists.
  • Movie Fix Saving of Collection Fanart. Improve loading/cancellation of Fanart Loading on Fanart Tabs specially on F5 Refresh.
  • MusicVideo Cosmetic change.


Previous Releases

MC 3.679b   2017-09-22


  • TV - Switch Series Scraping to API V2 code.
  • TV - Switch Change Series to API V2 routine.
  • TV - Switch Rescrape Series to API V2 routine.
  • TV - Switch Episode scrape and Episode Rescrape to API V2.
  • TV - Switch Tv Batch Rescrape Wizard to API V2 routines.


  • Movie - Fix MPAA, UK and USA Certs from IMDB.
  • Movie - rename existing poster.jpg to <moviename>-poster.jpg. Options was accidentally removed.
  • Movie - Fix if movie was originally scraped in Basic Save mode, and user renaming video file in MC.

MC 3.678b   2017-09-07


  • MC - Add MC Fanart.Tv API key.
  • TV - Addition of <uniqueid type=> loading and saving.
  • TV - Addition of new <ratings> field from Kodi.


  • MC - Fix downloading images from Fanart.TV
  • Movie - Ignore empty Tag entry in movie nfo.
  • Movie - Save user entered tags.
  • Movie - Fix MPAA certificate from IMDb.
  • Movie - Fix save Runtime as DurationInSeconds.
  • TV - Disable ep ratings from Omdbapi till API key, or site becomes free again.
  • TV - Fix Episode renaming if multiple spaces at end of title returned from TVDb.

MC 3.677b   2017-07-17


  • Movie - Allow download during scrape of all movie set art from Fanart.Tv.
  • TV - add option to save basic episode nfo if episode not found on TVDb. (This will allow users to manually add data to episodes that are not on TVDb site.)


  • TV - Fix for rename if current and new episode names match but have different casing.
  • Movie - Update Kodi TMDb scraper due to API changes.
  • Movie - Fix IMDb scraping title.

MC 3.676b   2017-06-01


  • Tv - Add DVD episode number to episode nfo (for future use).
  • TV - Add Rating overlay for TV Series Fanart.
  • Movie - Add check if actor image is present, then don't download image unless user has allowed overwrite thumbs.
  • MC - Add option to only store actors that have downloadable thumbnails.
  • Preferences - Add F3 to Apply and close, F4 to Apply, Esc to close.


  • TV - Catch couple errors if data not returned from TVDb, some code clean-up.
  • TV - Catch error if corrupt image downloaded, allow continue scraping episodes.
  • TV - Correct issue of cultural decimal separator for Rating overlay.
  • TV - Refresh all only load cache data from nfo's else memory usage over large volume of episodes can cause out of memory.
  • TV - Catch corrupt xml download.
  • TV - On manual Episode rename, check if file exists first, as we get details from Cache.
  • TV - Fix a crash if nfo no longer exists.
  • Movie - Fix TMDB change movie not getting tmdb Id from url.
  • Movie - Fix enabling XBMC Link after making preference changes.
  • Movie - Fix Multi-mode saving would merge every movies tags together, if no changes were made.
  • MC - Fix saving of PathSubstitution xml file.
  • MC - Fix where autoscreenshot delay was not updated after preference change.

MC 3.675b   2017-04-13


  • Movie - Remove separate movie identifier from search name, greatly improves success.
  • Movie - Fix if nfo has <watched> node and value is empty.
  • Movie - If user has selected different media player, create M3U as UTF8 encoding. Movie - Update movie in set with Overview.
  • Movie - Custom sets now stored in moviesetcache.xml file, allowing for saving of custom sets plot/overview.
  • TV - Updated XBMC TVDb scraper to match Kodi.
  • TV - Fix when toggling between DVD and Default sort order, store as lowercase in nfo.
  • Music Video - Paste from clipboard allow image url.
  • MC - Removed MTV scraper as no longer accessable api.

MC 3.674b   2017-03-10


  • TV - user rating tag for TV-Shows/Episodes
  • TV - Added ability to manually set Episode IMDB Id. Right click Episode IMDB text box to edit.
  • TV - Added HDR fanart overlay.  Note: HDR = Number of Bits is greater than 8 bit encoding.
  • Movie - Special new option, allow non IMDB Id's as IMDB Id's. This is to allow actor and director filters to work with movies not scraped from IMDb, and have foreign Id's in the nfo with first character as Alpha. Option in Movie Preferences -> Advanced Tab.  See Issue:
  • Movie - Press F6 to Reload movie cache.
  • Movie - Added: Hdr fanart overlay & filter. Note: HDR = Number of Bits is greater than 8 bit encoding.


  • MC - Revert addition of custom Omdbapi url, as no longer required.
  • Movie - Tweaked status message on Change Movie.
  • Movie - Log correct search name for movie in Log file.
  • Movie - Bug fix - Discard possible year if junk value.
  • Tv - XBMC TVDb clear languages before repopulating. Doh!
  • TV - Allow create screenshot instead of downloading Episode Thumbnail.

MC 3.673b   2017-02-23


  • MC - Addition of custom omdbapi url entry, for Patrons of Omdbapi, in General Preferences.


  • TV - Correct logic for getting data from IMDB.
  • TV - Catch and handle response if OMDBAPI returns Series/Season not found.
  • TV - add Batch Rescrape episode IMDB Id's.
  • TV - Fix loading multi-episode nfo's.
  • TV - Set Watched/Unwatched correctly updates Treeview.
  • mc_com - fix episodes not saving episode IMDB Id.
  • Movie - fix IMDB Id from OMDBAPI.

MC 3.672b   2017-02-17


  • mc_com.exe - Honor option Download Episode Thumbnail.
  • Movie - Add option to exclude scraping with found Year value.
  • Movie - Fix finding of movie year if four digits in root folder path, ie 1080p.
  • Movie - If Rescrape year, then clear the year before rescrape.
  • Movie - Make movie search by Omdbapi to get IMDb Id the last resort.
  • TV - fix boolean logic return from epGetImdbRatingOmdbapi.
  • MusicVideo - Improve search if year present.
  • MusicVideo - Remove stupid MessageBox if error.

MC 3.671b   2017-02-10


  • TV - Add option Download Episode Thumbnail. (default = enabled). Users can unselect if they wish.


  • mc_com - fix path to save log file.
  • Movie - Fixed year returned as 1850 if scraping using foldername for title and year.
  • Movie - Fixed Delete Movie Folder, if user has disabled 'Get Folder Size for Movie(s)'.
  • MusicVideo - Poster and Fanart only save as <filename>-poster.jpg, <filename>.tbn and <filename>-fanart.jpg.
  • MusicVideo - Set preferred images as <filename>-poster.jpg and <filename>-fanart.jpg.

MC 3.670b   2017-02-02


  • Movie - Add option save Set overview to Movie nfo. Requires Kodi 17 onwards.
  • Movie - Allow editing of Set overview, and update affected movie(s) overview if saved to nfo.
  • Movie - Add Autoscrape timer. Set and let MC Autoscrape movies every x minutes. Setting in Movie Preferences -> Advanced tab.
  • Movies - 'Delete movie folder' validation -> Folder size at least 10MB, Media size at least 10MB & Media size at least 63% of the folder size (code applicable for one movies in separate folders only)
  • Tv - Add AutoScrape timer. Set and let MC Autoscrape Episodes every X Minutes. Timer Autoscrape has Log display Disabled.
  • HomeMovie - Scan for new Home Movie using Movie search routine. Allows better support for video_ts and VR_MOVIE.VRO structures.
  • HomeMovie - Added Genre field and Droplist support.
  • MC - Add support for VRO media extension.


  • TV - If Ratings and Votes from IMDB, try IMDB first, Omdbapi second, finally fallback TVDb.
  • MC_COM - Fixed to exclude scanning of Excluded folders.
  • Movie - Fix rescrape set info where movie has tmdbid = "0" and is not matched to a collection.

MC 3.669b   2017-01-10


  • Movie - Add context option on Movie Sets tab to rescrape Collection data. Must have valid TMDB Set ID.
  • Movie - Export Movie List of Selected Movies. IE: Select specific movies to export to template.
  • Movie - Added: Delete movie folder to grid view context menu. Preference option to enable this in Movie Preferences, General Tab. NB: must have option 'All Movies are in Folders' enabled. Caution: Will delete to Recycle Bin, except if recycle bin disabled or files stored on NAS.
  • Movie - add General Filter - Missing Video File. Will list all movie titles where a nfo exists, but the video file is not present with the nfo.
  • mc_com - Get mc_com path, remove necessity to CD into directory before calling mc_com.exe.
  • MC - Updated ffmpeg from new source for Win XP to Win 10 compatibility.
  • TV - add option save votes with comma deliminator (default = True).


  • TV - Fix getting episode Rating and Votes from IMDb, with fallback to TVDb.
  • TV - Fix getting and storing actor images from IMDb for Episodes.
  • Movie - Fix for no Certificate from TMDb on rescrape.
  • Movie - Fixed Rescrape title, also populate Alternative Titles if options selected.

MC 3.668b   2016-12-02


  • MC - Add option to pad runtime to 3 digits.
  • Update mediainfo.dll to 0.7.91. Fixed for Xp through to Windows 10.
  • Update ffmpeg.exe to latest version.


  • Movie - correct loading of Kodi 17 created nfo's from Library Export.
  • mc_com - fix not updating Kodi scraper settings on load of profiles.

MC 3.667b   2016-11-17


  • MC - Add option to exclude ID appended to actor image filename if saving to Local actor path.
  • MC - Update to use Media Companion's own TMDB API Key.
  • Update mediainfo dll to version 0.7.90.  XP users still need to keep a copy of Mediainfo.dll 0.7.81 for their use with Media Companion.
  • Movie - Make fallback of actor sources optional, default is to fallback.


  • Movie - Fix max studios when scraping from TMDb.
  • Movie - on Rescrape of Collection info, remove from Custom Sets if TMDB Set was scraped.
  • Movie - Fix Typo saving of tags instead of tag node name.
  • Movie - Fix issue renaming of files, creating .nfo.nfo files.
  • Preferences - Fix option not displaying on load of preferences.

MC 3.666b   2016-11-04


  • MC - convert calls to support long path (exceeds MAX_PATH of 260 characters).
  • Movie - MovieSet tab, Display Collection overview, Show year against collection movie(s) and sort by year.
  • TV - Add option to display tooltip over tv show of next-to-air episode, only if Display Missing episodes is also enabled.
  • TV - Add filter only show Next-To-Air Episode.


  • Movie - Fixed Introduced bug when saving Movie nfo.
  • Movie - Fix if rescrape set info, and movie wasn't already in a set.
  • Movie - Fix creation of offlineDVD video clip.
  • Movie - Fix sets display on Table view. Fix sets saving from Tableview.

MC 3.664b   2016-10-07


  • Movie - Fixed up code around getting the Year from the filename - wouldn't scrape if flanked by spaces.
  • MC - Enlarge audio language overlay. Fix aspect ratio to 2 decimal places.
  • TV - fix mc_com save location of series xml file. .

MC 3.663b   2016-09-22


  • Movie - Fix change year when change movie and movie title is same, Fixes for IMDB & TMDb scrape and re-scrape and Change Movie.
  • Movies - Fix saving tags from new Tags tab.
  • Movie - Fix duplicate sets displayed on Movie Sets tab.
  • Movie - Fix select IMDb or TMDb web browser tab by right-click.
  • Movie - better displaying of Set info on Movie Set tab.
  • Movie - Do not display forced subtitle in mediaoverlay.
  • Movie - Honor option to get or not to get TMDB Set info.
  • Movie - Changes to Movie Sets tab functionality. Allow rename existing Movie sets.
  • Movie - Fix display of double year in progress bar when scraping via IMDb.
  • TV - Screenshots preview load every 1 second for each five pictureboxes.
  • TV - Fix incorrect code to populate year from premiered date.

MC 3.662b   2016-09-05


  • Movie - Added lock\unlock field to prevent unwanted scraper changes. Currently only implemented for the movie set field.


  • Movie - Revert AR from TechSpec page of IMDb, Get from movie's main page.
  • Movie - Major refactoring of Movie Set code, and functionality.
  • Movie - Added option save SetId as <collectionnumber> and load if nfo has <collectionnumber> - Request.
  • Movie - Get rid of annoying pop-up message on MovieSets tab.
  • Movie - Movie Set Cache populated from nfo's on Refresh, flagged as dirty till rescrape of TMDb set info.
  • MC - Fix code for external browser, add catchs if failure occurs.

MC 3.661b   2016-08-18


  • Movie - Added 'Open TMDb Set Info Page' & 'Open TMDb Movie Info Page' to gridview context menu.
  • Movie - Added 'Missing from set unreleased' filter.
  • Movie - Added Year to missing in set grid view records


  • Movie - Fix bug where incomplete movie set info was incomplete.
  • Movie - Fix bug in number of movies got in a set where duplicates counted.
  • Movie - Fix saving of Tags from Browser tab and Movie & Tags Tab.
  • Movie - ExtraThumbs on Fanart Tab, remove requirement to have Allow ExtraThumbs option selected.
  • Movie - If Change Movie, use Year from selected Movie not from filename or folder title.
  • mc_com - Fix create episode screenshot when episode has been renamed.

MC 3.660b   2016-08-12


  • Movie - Export list of Movies missing from Collection(s).
  • * Instructions -
  • *** 1. Rescrape 'Tmdb set info'.
  • ***  2. Select: 'General Filter - Missing from set'
  • *** 3. File->Export movie list info -> Movie set & title. *


  • TV - Fix Poster/Banner saving from Poster tab.
  • Movie - Get IMDb AR ensure not negative ratio unless its the only AR listed.
  • MC - fix Mono PCM not saving channel as 1.
  • MC - Correct screen position if negative values.
  • MC - ErrorHandler screen only display in Main screen.
  • MC - Update/fix mceventlog standalone app.

MC 3.659b   2016-08-05


  • TV - Fixed fanart not displaying selection checkbox if less than 2 available images.
  • TV - Fix Refresh progress window max size.
  • TV - XBMC TVDb bug fix, no showobject allocated to episode(s).
  • TV - Fix loading Series nfo if no year value.
  • Movie - Fix Movie Set Artwork after addition of Votes info.
  • MC - Fix ffmpeg.exe wasn't output to release build.

MC 3.658b   2016-08-04 - Replaced MC 3.657b

Extra Fixes:

  • TV - Fix scraping only one episode.
  • TV - Fix reading of Sickbeard created nfo.
  • TV - Fix display of locked series status in treeview.
  • Movie - Fix subtitle display logic.
  • Movies - Fanart and Posters from TMDb sorted by highest votes first.

MC 3.657b   2016-08-02


  • Movie - New scrape option if poster exists as <moviename>.jpg, use and rename to <moviename>-poster.jpg.
  • Movie - Get Aspect from IMDB option added to TMDb scraper.
  • Movie - Added DTS:X and Dolby Atmos detection and overlay icons. * NB You need to rescrape media tags on your TrueHD and DTS movies *
  • Movie - Add : Dolby Atmos detection and overlay icons.
  • Movie - Complete reorganization of Tags, including Tag Filter, Min & Max and Sort order.  Tags stored in external file.
  • Movie - Addition of Metascore from IMDb.  Click label 'Top 250' to toggle display between Top 250 and Metascore.
  • Movie - Get Metascore from IMDb added to XBMC TMDb scraper options.  Added to Rescrape and Batch wizard.
  • Movie - Add to Batch Rescrape Wizard option IMDB Aspect Ratio.
  • MC - Include subtitle language in media overlay. Option to show all subtitle languages.
  • MC - Add multiselect to videosource list.
  • TV - Display Series Votes.  Now Scrape votes and ratings from IMDb (fallback TVDb) for Series and Episodes.
  • MC - Correct issue of MC remaining resident after opening Media Companion Home Page.
  • Movie - Better catch in rare instance of failure to get stream details.
  • Movie - Improve retrieve a poster from IMDb.
  • Movie - IMDb scrape, first search omdbapi, then google, final fallback to IMDb itself.
  • Movie - Fix Insert resolution as first tag.
  • Movie - Fix multi mode edit and altering Tag box.
  • TV - Fix for msgbox remaining visible if crash in TV Selector tab.
  • TV - Fix Series Sort Title display if select Season.
  • TV - Catch crash if Batch rescrape and episodes were removed but MC not Refreshed.
  • TV - Refresh TV Folders location if multi-monitor, ensure displays on monitor of Splash Screen, and in front of splash screen...
  • TV - Honor option Series Actors to be copied to Episode actors.
  • TV - Fix IMDb Actor Role being truncated of last letter.
  • MC - Changed "XBMC Media Companion" to "Media Companion for XBMC\Kodi" where relevant.
  • Updated mediainfo.dll and fixed mediainfo related DurationMillis & Bitrate functions

MC 3.656b   2016-07-04


  • Movie - Add -theme.extn as possible trailer file.  Suits add-on Tvtunes.
  • Movie - New option to save Resolution to first tag entry.  Populate by Rescrape Media Stream details, or rescrape tags.  (Resolution values stored are 480, 540, 576, 720 & 1080).
  • MC - Exclude .recycle.bin folder from being added as Movie, Music Video or TV Series folder.
  • TV - Screenshot tab get 5 preview images to choose from for the Thumbnail.
  • Music Video - Screenshot Tab get 5 Preview Images to choose from for Fanart.
  • Home Video - Screenshot Tab get 5 Preview Images to choose from for Fanart.
  • Movie - Fix poster tab calculation of total posters if more than one page. (also fixed Alt poster browser).
  • Movie - Replace with duckduckgo search engine.  We use multiple search engines when searching for the IMDB Id.
  • Movie - XBMC Link, fix parent form since move of preferences to new Preferences Window.

MC 3.655b   2016-06-24


  • TV - New option to limit quantity of genre's scraped for TV Series.
  • TV - Fix MC TVDb getting episodes in DVD sort order, and rescrape correct thumbnail if in DVD sort order.
  • TV - Fix tvshow selector using XBMC TVDb scraper and getting actors and their images.
  • Movie - Better catching if sites are not available for Movie Alt artwork selectors.
  • mc_com - Fix export by date added, correctly invert order.

MC 3.654b   2016-06-14

Quick fix release for some important issues.

  • TV - Fix for Series with no premier date
  • TV - Fixed Display of Series actor images.
  • Movie - Change genre Tv Movie to TV Movie

MC 3.653b   2016-06-14


  • TV - Addition of Votes from TVDb for episodes.  Users can Batch Rescrape episodes, selecting Rating, which will update Rating and Votes.
  • TV - add option to get Episode Rating & Votes from IMDB.
  • TV - Rescrape Episode Media tags improve and catch errors better.
  • TV - After Save on TV Folder Tab, return to Main TV Browser tab.
  • Tv - Switch back to non-proto loading of tvshow.nfo.
  • TV - Save multiple genres as separate entries in tvshow.nfo.
  • Movie - Add to genre "Tv Movie" if IMDb list move also TV Movie.
  • Movie - Catch and log error downloading actor image instead of opening a messagebox.
  • MC - Fix Aspect Ratio where returned value has cultural decimal character.
  • MC - Simplify Statusstrip display.
  • MC - creating m3u message now displayed on status bar.

MC 3.652b   2016-05-20


  • Music Video (MV) - Add Multi-Edit mode.
  • Movie - New option to scrape Aspect Ratio from IMDb.  Only for MC scraper, not XBMC TMDb scraper.
  • TV - If Episode has Aired Date and Season-Episode numbers, prefer Season-Episode over Aired Date.
  • TV - Fix tvdb tab display navigation icons.
  • TV - Fix Refresh All once and for all.
  • MV - Fix not finding Music Video if container not in nfo.
  • MV - Fix tabstop order.
  • MC - Add missing PCM image resource.
  • MC - Show aspect ratio value in mediainfo overlay if not true 16x9 or 4x3 ratio.
  • MC - use container .bdmv instead of m2ts for Bluray.

MC 3.651b   2016-05-05


  • MC - Add option AutoHide status bar. Set by default.
  • TV - Fix Refresh All for TV Shows that do not contain <year>.
  • TV - Fix TV Show rescrape using XBMC TVDb scraper.
  • Movie - Fanart Scrolling while images load, do not lock to 1st image.
  • Movie - Correctly Fix Tags displayed after editing on Tags tab.
  • Movie - Fix Batch Rescraping TMDB Set names, and Batch Rescraping Movie Set artwork.
  • Movie - Fix keeping cached MovieSet info on scraping new Movie to a Set.
  • MC - Correct downsizing poster or fanart via context menu

MC 3.650b   2016-05-01

  • Movie - Disable incompatible general filter, Incomplete Movie Set Info. Users can select 'Sets' filter to display how many movies of total movies in a set.
  • Movie - Return actor order number to actors scraped from IMDb.
  • Movie - Fixed posters from IMPA.
  • Movie - Alt Poster, Fix IMPA posters. Streamline code.
  • Movie - Ignore errors relating to artwork from TMDb if movie is not present on TMDb.
  • Movie - Fix Tags displayed after editing om Tags tab.
  • Movie - Batch Wizard, correct logic for selecting Rename Files.
  • MC - Enable default option to close MC if chosen to DL new release.
  • TV - Fixed F5 on Main Browser tab.
  • TV - If search by Airdate fails, attempt fallback to Season-Episode numbers.

MC 3.649b   2016-04-15

  • MC - Downgrade Mediainfo dll to version Report if any regression in stream details scraped.
  • Movie - Add option to not delete custom folder.jpg image during autoscrape artwork.
  • Movie & TV - Completed background threads for loading of preview Fanart, Poster and Fanart.Tv artwork.
  • TV - Fix removing Year if nfo year value is zero.
  • TV - Fix if Premier date, but year is zero, correct year value.
  • TV - Fix removal of series title from episode filename if series title is a number, ie: 24..
  • TV - Fix incorrect option for toggling stream detail info.
  • TV - Improve Episode scraping speed (minor).
  • TV - Improve renaming of episodes with correct titlecase of Series name.
  • TV - Catch multipart episode filename is not a multipart, still save first part.
  • TV - Update series.xml if older than 5 days, not 14 days.
  • TV - Episode thumbnail fall back to tvdb if not in series.xml.
  • TV - Rescrape episode thumb to also fallback to tvdb if not in series.xml file.
  • Movie - Load Fanart tab images in multiple backgroundworkers. Improve loading of preview images.
  • Movie - Load Poster tab images into backgroundworkers.
  • Movie - Fix Posters Tab from IMDb and IMPA. Disabled MPDB as requires login credentials.
  • Movie - Improve support for UTF-8 Characters in Movie filenames.
  • Movie - If Batch Rescrape, do not overwrite tagline if scraped tagline is empty.

MC 3.648b   2016-03-18

  • Bug fix: Some DTSHD-MA audio tracks being incorrectly recognised as DTS.
  • Movie - Rework MovieSet code and fix MovieSet tab.
  • CustomTV - Fixed few dumb errors regarding customtvcache.xml file code.

MC 3.647b   2016-03-10

  • Movie - add option to save <watched> tag to movie nfo. Advanced tab. Mimics playcount.
  • TV - Scrape by Aired Date. Accepts with dot, dash or underscore between values.
  • MusicVideo - Fix crash if option 'Include Missing Video file in Cache rebuild' enabled.
  • Movie - Re-enable shortcut keys for genre box.
  • Movie - Fix batch rescrape xtrafanart/thumbs.
  • MC - Remove filters.txt as replaced by genres.txt.
  • MC - Attempt fix closing of MC if downloading of Update

MC 3.646b   2016-02-29

  • Movie - New scraper preference, User TMDB API key.
  • MC - Minor issue with variables causing halt to loading of posters during scrape.
  • TV - Fix Wall view layout and context menu.
  • TV - TVDb browser tab, handle links.
  • TV - TVDb browser tab, add some navigation controls, fwd, back, stop & refresh.
  • Movie - Web browser tab, add navigation controls.
  • Movie - Fix wrong poster from Alternative Poster form.

MC 3.645b   2016-02-27

  • Movie - New option to save scraped run time into <durationinseconds>.
  • Movie - Change MC TMDb API key to Kodi key temporarily, fixes scraping artwork from TMDb.
  • MC - Allow Crtl-A for multi-line textboxes.
  • Preferences - Fix blunder when general and common tabs were merged.
  • TV - Fix wall Context Menu.

MC 3.644b   2016-02-25

  • MC Preferences - Merge main Common and General Tabs to reduce confusion and simplify.
  • Movie - Complete addition of Screen-shot of Fanart, only if no fanart available, else hidden.
  • TV - Addition of Wall tab, showing TV Series.
  • TV - filter watched/unwatched similar to Series Status. Only shows series matching watched or unwatched.
  • Movie - Make Fanart and Poster shrink when progress bar visible, keeping media-overlay visible.
  • Music Video - Fix displaying music video on key up/down in list.
  • MC - Revert ffmpeg.exe to previous version.  New version has no advantages and we save 15MB in file size.
  • MC - improve speed of obtaining screenshot.

MC 3.643b   2016-02-21

  • MC Export to Kodi Format - Rework all routines, catching empty values, and cleaning code.
  • MC - updated ffmpeg.exe
  • After deliberation, Update mediainfo.dll to ver
  • Movie - rework on MovieSet code, to ensure no duplicates in moviesetcache file, and keep scraped collection data.
  • Movie - Exclude folder wasn't working on Refresh, only on Scrape.
  • Movie - Fix XBMC TMDb scraping.

MC 3.642b   2016-02-05

  • MC - Add common preference to show Custom Genre's at start of Genre selection box.
  • Movie - TMDB Scrape, add option to get Genres from IMDB.
  • Movie - Add User Ratings to Movies, with Sort by User Rating, User Rating Filter, Tableview, and Alternative Editor.
  • Movie - Fix Root Folder filter.
  • Movie - Rework MovieSet filtering to support custom sets with no SetId.
  • Movie - Change Missing Credits to Missing Writer.
  • Movie - General Filter increase slightly number if items displayed at one time.
  • Movie - Fix quotes in Outline and Tagline.
  • Movie - Change where Minimum actors or directors is set if Max actors or directors is greater than 999.
  • Movie - Catch error if incorrect value given to resize filter splitcontainer.
  • Home Movie - Addition of Preferences, Fanart and Poster Screenshot Time.
  • Music Video - Improve searching, Improve artwork from Wiki.

MC 3.641b   2016-01-28

  • Preferences - Changed naming and function of Apply, Cancel buttons.
  • Movie - New Preference Enable/Disable Getting Folder Size.  Default value is disable.
  • Movie - Increase Max Actors and Directors to 10,000 (default is still 500), but if set over 999, set minimum to 2 films to offset performance hit.
  • Movie - New Filter RootFolder.
  • MC - New option to close MC if user accepts to download new version.
  • MC - Check for new version before loading cache files.
  • MC - Add Custom Genre file Creator/Editor.
  • Movie - Fix TMDB Scraping of Movie Set when option not enabled.
  • Movie - Fix Renaming of Folder with %1 option, use MovieSet name if also includes %N.
  • Movie - Fix Renaming of Folders with %1 and/or %N not moving files.
  • Movie - Fix typo halting display of Missing Credits Movies.
  • Movie - When sort by Cert, allow sort list when clicking on column header.
  • Movie - Incorporate loading of Ember created nfo's.
  • Movie - disable get folder size if movie is in root folder.  Major speed boost on refresh.
  • Movie - Fix DurationInSeconds from MakeMKV created MKV files.
  • Movie - Improve loading time on Fanart and Poster Tabs.
  • Movie - Correctly support ignore articles on Folder and/or move Rename options.
  • Movie - Returned to fix detecting multipart movie with likes of Spartans, and Life Partners, causing issues.

MC 3.640b   2016-01-19

  • Movies: Allow users to enter their own tags. You need to enable it in preferences.
  • Movies: Add new general filter 'Outline contains html'.
  • Movies: Add new option to Include 'Rated' prefix to Certificate.
  • Movies: Allow users to create their own Certificate mappings file, called 'UserCertificateMappings.xml', which if exists, will be used in preference to 'DefaultCertificateMappings.xml'.
  • Movies: Addition of %1 to folder renaming.  Will create a Sub folder from first letter of Movie Title (All articles are ignored).
  • Movies: Added General Filters for Missing Premier date, Credits, Studio & Country.
  • Movies: Added General Filter for Plot same as Outline.
  • Movies: Addition of sort by Resolution and by Certificate.
  • TV - Allow altering of Episode Title.
  • TV - Add right-click to web browser tab to select TVDB or IMDB.
  • Movies - Number of audio tracks not always shown in overlay graphics.
  • Movies - TrueHD audio codec detection for overlay graphics.
  • Movies - Filters - Removed unwanted behavior - Right click on filter reset the filter.
  • Movies - Modify check for 'Part'.
  • Movies - Remove cached file if zero byte size.
  • Movies - Fix scraping Outline if contains hyperlink.
  • Movies - Fix if no plot or outline - don't save 'add a plot'.
  • Movies - Remove phrases 'on appeal' from MPAA if remove phrase selected.
  • Movies - Sort all Root folder lists.
  • Movies - Rework Actor Images on Scrape and Change Movie.
  • Movies - Correctly support fallback of actor source.
  • Movies - TMDB Option changed to DL Actors from IMDB with fallback to TMDb.
  • Movies - Move exclude 'Rated' from Certificate to the Certification Priority.
  • Movies - Update IMDB scraper for future.
  • Movies - Addition of OMDB scrape RottenTomato data for future.
  • Movies - Fix Folder Renaming if Multiple movies in subfolder.
  • Movies - Fix some more Preferences.
  • Movies - Batch rescrape only empty main tags, processes only movies with empty main tags.
  • Movies - Fix outline from IMDB with 'See full summary'.
  • Preferences - Fix Preference locate external browser button.

Past release info up to 3.639b 2015-12-18

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