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Images from Fanart.Tv for Tv Shows.

There is a great add-on for XBMC, called Artwork Downloader. This add-on allows the integration of ClearArt, Logo's etc from Fanart.Tv

Available artwork:
** ClearArt
** Logo
** Poster
** Fanart
** Banner
** Landscape
** Season Poster
** Season Banner
** Season Landscape
** CharacterArt

Only requirements for Artwork Downloader in regard to TV Shows, is it's recommended to change the settings for this add-on, to use local files

Media Companion supports these art files for Tv Shows (below), and Movies

Main Browser
New Options
XBMC Wiki - Artwork Downloader
Forum XBMC - Artwork Downloader

Support for Tv Show artwork from Fanart.Tv arrived with Media Companion 3.604b.

MC3.603b Tv Browser Tab

Positioned after the Poster tab, is the new Fanart.Tv Tab, as well as Extra Artwork indicator section to the right of the current show's Poster window.
NB: This Extra Artwork indicator is only present when the Show is selected, not the season or an episode.

If the currently selected Tv Show has artwork already within it's folder, the Extra Artwork section will display what artwork is present. Selecting any of the headings for the exiting artwork, will pop-up a preview window of that artwork.

ClearArt Selected

Over to the Fanart.Tv tab, and you will see the artwork Type, and quantity, available to download. Below this list, is a display of existing artwork, depending on the selected artwork Type.

Fanart.Tv Tab

You can double click any of the preview images, to see the full-sized image.

New Options.

Artwork from Fanart.Tv can be Autoscraped, Selected from Batch Wizard, or from Context Menu.

AutoScrape option

Below: New Batch Wizard Option
Batch Wizard Option


  • If you like the artwork from Fanart.Tv, you have two options
    • 1. Delete all the artwork, and use Batch Rescrape Wizard to download all artwork from Fanart.Tv. Then, run the wizard again, selecting missing poster, season, fanart etc but exclude Fanart.Tv. This will download all existing artwork from Fanart.Tv first, then fill in the blanks from TheTvDb site.
    • 2. Run the rescrape wizard, to fill in the clearart, logo etc by selecting artwork from Fanart.Tv. Then, use the Fanart.Tv tab to find and replace any other artwork that is available from Fanart.Tv.
  • Currently not sure how XBMC Exports the extra artwork.

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