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Tv Batch Rescraper Wizard

The TV Batch Rescraper Wizard is a Powerful tool to ensure your Series and Episodes are up-to-date, to replace data, or fill in missing data.

Selected from the TV Shows Tool button, (or context menu Use Rescraper on This Show)


and opening in a new Windows, the Batch rescrape Wizard is presented with three sections.

Top Sections pertains to all Series fields and Artwork.

Then a section dedicated to Episode fields and thumbnails.

Finally some extra options at the bottom.


Notice there are two options Greyed out in the Batch Wizard image above.

Save Main banner as Season Banner if none to Download Season Art needs to be selected.  Then, if a Season has no Banner on TVDB site, the Main series Banner is saved as the Season Banner.

Create Screenshot if none is available to download – Requires Attempt to download missing screenshots to be selected.  If no Screenshot/Episode Thumbnail, then create a Screenshot/EpisodeThumbnail by take a frame from the video file. (Delay time for frame is set in Tv Preferences.

The last three options.

1.  Include Locked Shows – Will allow the Batch Rescraper Wizard to also process Locked TV Series.  Otherwise the Wizard will only action unlocked series.

2.  ReWrite all NFO’s – If coming from a different Media Manager, or if a User has manually altered tvshow.nfo or episode nfo’s, this will Re-write all nfo’s accordingly to Media Companion’s format compatible with XBMC/Kodi.

3.  Update Series XML -  Media Companion uses TV Series XML files for getting Episode data.  This is quicker if a user is scraping a whole season of episodes, or a full TV Series, as the Series XML file from TheTvDb contains the Series Data, as well as every Episode, in one file.  Media Companion then only has to access the Internet for the artwork and thumb files, instead of accessing for every episode found during scraping of a TV Series.



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