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TV Folder Tab

Folders tab is where Users add/remove their Root TV Folder(s), and their Series Folders.

Once a Root TV Folder is added, it has a Check-mark against it.  This means, Series from this folder can be added to the ‘List of Series Folders’.  Un-checking a Root Folder, and all Series contained within are automatically removed from the Series Folders List.  Essentially, Users can list all Root Folders, and selectively enable/disable them, to only perform functions on the enabled Series.

Both the List of Root Folders, and the List of Series Folders support Drag and Drop.  Users can Drag a Root folder or a Series Folder from Windows Explorer, and drop it in the appropriate list.

If a Root Folder is re-checked, Right-click on the Root Folder, and Users can choose to add all Series folders from Selected Root Folder, to the ‘List of Series Folders


Below the Root Folder List, Users can manually add a Root folder Path, Browser for a Root Folder, or Remove a Root folder from the list.


The List of Series Folders is Multi-selectable.  Users can select one or more Series and choose to remove them from Media Companion.

Options to manually add a Series Path, Directly scan all Root Folders and add all found Series, Browse for a specific Series Folder to add, or Remove Selected Folders.

If a User has removed Series folders from their Hard Drive, but not from Media Companion, Clicking ‘Check List for Removed Folders’ will prune no longer present Series folder from the List of Series Folders.





If a Series folder is added that does not contain a valid tvshow.nfo file, once Save Changes is clicked, all such Series will be automatically Scraped and populated to TV Browser Tree.

Make any changes and Click ‘Save Changes’ to update/Scrape Series to Media Companion.

Click Undo Changes and switch tabs to Ignore any altered folders .


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