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TV Toolbar Options.

Clicking the TV Show Tool button brings a list of functions to view.


Search for new Episodes also has a extra option, Search All for new Episodes, which will also search Locked Series.


Check Root for new TV Shows – Media Companion will search for Series folders that are not currently loaded in ‘List of Separate Series Folders’ (in Folders Tab), and add to this list.  Then, if the folder does not contain a valid tvshow.nfo file,  Media Companion will Scrape the Series as new.

Batch Rescraper Wizard – Discussed more on this Document page.

Refresh All TV Shows – searches all series folders loaded in ‘List of Separate Series Folders’ and then searches for all episodes with nfo’s in these series folders.  This Includes Locked Series.

Check for Duplicate Episodes – Users that use special apps for download of TV Episodes, may sometimes get SD versions of an Episode, and later replace them with HD versions.  This means Duplicate episodes are shown.  Check for Duplicate Episodes will display a list of found duplicates.

Reload TV Show Cache – Sometimes, just reloading the cache file in Media Companion is sufficient to fix incorrectly displayed episodes.  Recommended to click this first, before resorting to Refresh All TV Shows.

Display Missing Episodes & Refresh Missing Episodes has been discussed and are present at this Document page.

Export TV Shows Info – Export your TV Shows and Episodes to HTML or CSV files for display by other applications.  More information on Export function is on this Document Page.





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