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Movie Tags Section of Movie & Tag Sets tab

This tab is split into two parts, Movie Sets and Manual Tag maintenance.
Here we will discuss the Tag section.

Tags in Movies are a way users can group multiple or common types of Movies.
A great example would be if you had MovieSet for Aliens Collection, another for Predator Collection and a third for Aliens Vs Predator. You could allocate all movies in these MovieSet a common Tag like
AliensPredator. In XBMC/Kodi, you could then filter all movies by Tag, showing only those that have the common AliensPredator.
This is just a simple example.


Above I had selected the movie Avengers Age of Ultron, and when this movie was scraped, the option to fill Tags from Keywords was enabled in Movie Preferences -> Scraper tab.
You can see there are Five tags set to this movie. How many Keywords allocated to Tags is select-able in the preferences.

The Tags Tab works in Multi-Save Mode as well, listing all tags in all movies.


Users can add their own tags, which are saved in Media Companion Settings for future repeated use


Select one or multiple tags from List of Available Tags and click Add Tag(s) to Movie(s) button will populate the selected Movie or Movies with the new Tag(s)
Note: Remember to click Save Selected Tag(s) to Movie(s) button before exiting this TabPage.


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