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TV General / Scraper Preferences

TV General and Scraper preferences are on one Tab and involucel XBMC TVDB scraper Settings.


Media Companion has it’s own built-in TVDB Scraper, as well as support for XBMC/Kodi TVDB scraper.

The reason for this is so users can customize the XBMC/Kodi scraper if required.  Else it is Recommended to stay with Media Companion’s Built-In Scraper.

For Media Companion, first choices are to select your preferred Series Language by clicking the ‘Get Languages From TVDB’ button, Selecting Sort Order and Actor Images option.


If users Select Use XBMC “TheTVDB” Scraper then the display of options change.  And Users must ensure the XBMC/Kodi Language is selected correctly.


Next sections is to choose what artwork is Auto-Scraped with a new Series is added to Media Companion.  (Remember, artwork mode in General Preferences allows for older file naming convention)


Option of Quick add means artwork will not be downloaded during Scraping of Series.  Users will need to manually add artwork, or use context menu, Find Missing Art for this Show.

Auto create Screenshot if episode does not have one to download, and Auto-Shot delay can make ensuring you have a Screenshot/Episode Thumb present when updating XBMC/Kodi Library.

Last option here is to save the Screenshot in TVDB Friendly sizing.   Here Media Companion users can pay it forward, by uploading the screenshot in the correct format to TVDB.  This needs to be done manually.


Users can choose whether Actors are gotten from TVDB or from IMDB, and if Episode actors are from a different source from the Series actors.


Episode renaming is perfect for cleaning up those weirdly named episodes, allowing for cleaner displaying in Explorer.  Options on renaming are present in the drop box.  Once Enable auto episode rename is selected, all scraped episodes are renamed to the preference users have selected.  If Preferred, select Use lowercase as well.


Noted in section Missing Episodes, there are two option to help users by Ignoring Specials and also Delay Missing aired by 1 day.  The last option is helpful if your time zone means you see Missing Aired episodes well before they come available.

Final option in this section is to Fix NFO id during cache Refresh. This option is mostly for users upgrading from very old versions of Media Companion, from before MC 3.500, and fixes issues of missing Series and Episode ID’s.




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