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Adding Offline Movies to MC



The Offline Movies feature of MC allows you to include physical media in your library by storing the scraped information locally. It essentially works the same as your normal movie folders except that you create empty folders for each movie since the actual media is not stored locally.

To begin the process of adding your DVDs and Blu-Rays to your media library, navigate to the folders tab of the movies section in MC and take a look at the right side of the window.

Begin by clicking the Add Movie Folder Browser button and create a "offline movies" folder to contain the list for all of your physical media movies. Now you can add each movie by simply typing the name into the smaller input box and clicking add.
This will automatically create a folder for each movie you add, and once you save, you can check for new shows and the offline movie folders will now be scraped.

MC will create a small 15 second video requesting to insert your physical media, for the movie selected.1.jpg

Note that the because there are not file names to scrape from, it will only work if one of the following options are selected in the preferences:

  • Use Folder Names for Scraping
  • All Movies are in Folders

Just below these options you can customize the prompt that appears when one of the offline movies is played in XBMC to insert the physical media.

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