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Adding or changing a Show's Fanart, Posters or Banners


Changing a show's fanart is exactly the same as it is for movies, just head over to the fanart window after selecting a show and choose one of the available options by selecting it and clicking Save Selected, or use a custom fanart by clicking URL or Browse.

shows fanart.jpg


This is where it gets a bit more involved, but you will also have more customization options. Since shows usually have more than one season, you gave the option to use more than one poster.

shows posters.jpg

In the bottom left corner of the posters window you will notice a drop down menu, this is how you can select different posters for each season and for the main poster for the show.
The TVDb All and IMDB (all) buttons will be more likely to scrape posters that can be used for the individual season, while the TVDb Specific button will find only main and season all posters. As usual, you can always choose custom art by clicking the URL or Browse button.
The same applies for banners, and they will be displayed instead of posters depending on the options you've chosen.
Posters or banners should be chosen based on the XBMC skin and type of view you like.

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