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Rename TV episodes


77 Sunset Strip - S06e20 - Queen Of The Cats

MC is not renaming to capitals like it used to behave.

Using Rename episodes also fails to rename according to the preferences.

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Closed Jun 7 at 9:48 AM by vbat99
Fix in place for next release


vbat99 wrote Jun 7 at 4:46 AM

If 77 Sunset Strip - S06e20 - Queen Of The Cats was the original filename of the episode, and your trying to rename so the S06e20 is in Caps, ie: S06E20 , then I can understand why it fails.

MC checks if the file is already named as per the selected naming convention, but it does not check if some of the characters are upper or lower case.
In this case, the full name is correct, but for the lower case e in episode.

I will check how to correct this, as there must be a way to validate exact match.

BesterH13 wrote Jun 7 at 4:57 AM

Thanks. No biggie. And this is a bottom of the list fix I'd say.

Sometimes the file names are darn close when you download. In this case the names were __77 Sunset Strip - S06ep20 - Queen Of The Cats.avi
I ran them through bulk renamer to remove the "p" and scraped. Of course then my OCD kicked in since they didn't match other shows episodes naming scheme. LOL. Then ran them through again to capitalize.

vbat99 wrote Jun 7 at 5:49 AM

Sometimes I change the rename option, rename the files, then change it back to what I refer and rename them again.

Ta Da.

As for the code, looks like I might have to do something similar.