TMDB no longer returning results


It looks as if TMDB has changed something on their end and now the XBMC TMDB api is no longer returning results for any movie.

Please download the file below. The filename is the directory name in Media Companions, Assets.
so look for
Media Companion\Assets\scrapers\metadata.themoviedb.org folder
Overwrite the two files from the two in the Zip file

TMDb scraping of movies will be fixed.

This change will cover versions of Media Companion back to MC 3.640 at least.

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Js41637 wrote Jun 15 at 6:53 AM

This fixes the search but no metadata is now downloaded when using TMDB. It gets the actors only for me.

vbat99 wrote Jun 16 at 3:37 AM

Sorry, not getting this sort of result.
Searching and getting metadata from TMDb. But, I see the Director and Credits isn't being scraped. Damn, added another zip file.
Replace the addon.xml and tmdb.xml in
Media Companion\Assets\scrapers\metadata.common.themoviedb.org

This fixes scraping of Directors and Writer/Credits.

Js41637 wrote Mon at 6:39 AM

Huh it's all working for me now, dunno if it was your file or TMDB was just bad when I was running it. Either way. Thanks for this.