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Option "Exclude year from Scrape search" does no longer work


same problem as end of last year again.
having the date (year) in the name of my recordings, an option was added that allowed to ignore the year during scraping. this seems to be ignored again in newer and latest version.

for: Tiger und Dragon_20170612-0340_3 Sat HD.mp4
nothing is found during initial scrape and the following error is shown when i choose rescrape all:

Rescraping all data for:
Scraping Title: Tiger und Dragon
Unable to scrape body with refs "Tiger und Dragon", "2017"
TMDB may not be available or Movie Title is invalid

when i choose "change movie" with title "Tiger und Dragon" exactly one result is displayed.

p.s. would be great, if the option would also be effective when "change movie" is selected => only title without date initially displayed.
Closed Jul 21 at 2:37 AM by vbat99
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turastangras wrote Jul 4 at 9:10 AM

seems, that the source of the problem is the same "generic scraper issue" as discussed in issue 1592 - "TMDB no longer returning results". the attached files from issue 1592 (at the end of the discussion) seem to fix it.
thx and br

vbat99 wrote Jul 4 at 11:05 AM

Apologies for not answering earlier, been out of action with the flu, and work had been hectic.

Glad you were about to resolve the issue.