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have a sudden issue popup within last 2 days with version that when clicking the Fanart.Tv after selecting the movie that i want to download some images. What i'm getting now all of a sudden (started last 2 days) is there are no images being displayed for each option but what is shown are only outlines of image placeholders. Basically none of the images show up at all, but when i go their site directly and search on the movie i wanted to populate. Those images do up. Is there something configuration wise that possibly got hosed?

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Closed Jul 31 at 5:48 AM by vbat99
Fix in place for next release


vbat99 wrote Jul 28 at 5:27 AM

Yes, I am attempting to figure out why the images are not being downloaded.
We are getting the data from Fanart.TV, but the images return zero size.

I do know that Fanart.TV has been moving Servers, but they mentioned this should be all resolved now....doesn't seem to be.

Plse be patient. It is probably a Fanart.TV issue...but I am investigating MC for i

vbat99 wrote Jul 28 at 10:35 PM

The issue is with Media Companion. Due to the changes at Fanart.TV, Media Companion is having difficulty downloading the images as a Stream.

I am working on a fix for Media Companion and once done, will release a new version.

clburch wrote Jul 28 at 11:29 PM

thanks very much for that. I will monitor this thread when its be resolved

vbat99 wrote Jul 31 at 3:55 AM

Download this linked zip file. Extract the utilities.dll for your version of Media Companion, x86 or x64, and overwrite the Utilities.dll in the Media Companion folder.

Note: This utilities.dll is only for MC 3.677b

Link to Zip

clburch wrote Jul 31 at 6:39 AM

Not sure if you wanted me to test this under 676b or install 677b so did it both ways. Installed 677b and replaced that dll with the you had link for and it worked fine on 677b. On 676b it also worked fine execpt for one specific issue. On one specific movie there was one specific image that acted like it downloaded it and replaced the existing one but did nothing. I was able to download a different landscape for Pixar Up (2009) and that went fine except for one specfic one.


I then installed 677b, copied over my config files from 676b and was able review and download the images and was able to use download and overwrite the one that failed with 676b and overwrite it with the one that did not work with which i will try to attach. I did this with the 32bit version of both releases. Would you like to to try the 64bit version of 677b and report back results?

clburch wrote Jul 31 at 6:46 AM

ok tried to upload the jpg file that was zipped but didn't seem to work, just kept spinning with "Working" Anyway you can find that specifc image by going to their site finding the movie and scroll down to thumbs at bottom and its the middle one one the first row of thumbs

vbat99 wrote Jul 31 at 8:27 AM

Note: This utilities.dll is only for MC 3.677b

Yes, the Utilities.dll file was only for MC3.677b x86 or x64.
There were some changed to that file between 3.676b and 3.677b, that might have caused it not to overwrite the image.

Test with 3.677b x86 or x64, doesn't matter. As long as the 32bit version works with 3.677, then the x64 will work with the x64 version of 3.677b.

Wow, that sounded confusion just writing it. LOL