Jan 8 at 9:19 PM
First, everything is running fine.

I remember back a while that someone wanted to have an extras, or featurettes folder not scraped. Was this ever accomplished? I have updated Game of Thrones and each season has a featurettes sub folder I'd like to leave as is. Is this possible. Thanks.
Jan 9 at 12:13 AM
Use the Exclude function in Media Companion.

General Preferences ->Common Settings.
If you have named this sub folder the same for each season, then just add in the folder title.
Z:\TV\Game Of Thrones\Season01\Featurettes\
Z:\TV\Game Of Thrones\Season02\Featurettes\

just add Featurettes in the Exclude folders from Scrape listbox
Jan 9 at 2:33 AM
Thanks, worked just fine.

Appreciate all the hard work.