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Same season different languages

Feb 25 at 6:29 PM
I have a season of a TV show in two different languages. So I have folders

Season05 (ITA)
Season05 (ENG)

MC put all episodes in the same season so that I have (apparently) episode duplicates.
What I need is that be created TWO seasons, one for each language, with .nfo in the corresponding languages. How can I do that?
Feb 25 at 7:53 PM
MC can't do that sorry. MC manages Series and Episodes by their TVDb Id's which are the same no matter what language they are scraped in.
And the selected language for scraping is not stored with each Series or Episode, but is in the settings for MC.

Depending on the format of the video files (mkv is definitely easier), I would extract the audio from of one language, and add it to the video file of the other language.
Then in Kodi you can select the preferred audio language when you begin watching the episode.

Sorry, but to answer your question, it is not possible to do this in Media Companion.