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Feature Request - Alternate Endings

Mar 8 at 1:29 PM
Hey everyone,

I have been using Media Companion for a while now, and I love just about everything about it. That being said, I ran into an issue yesterday that I haven't been able to find a way around.

I have I am Legend on Bluray, and it has both the original and alternate endings. I would like to see a way to have Media Companion recognize that, and either put them in a collection folder, or at least have separate nfo files for them.
Mar 8 at 5:24 PM
You need to differentiate the alt ending movie.

Look at Movie Preferences -> Advanced tab, and you will see a list of Separate Movie Identifiers
Add to it "Alternative-Ending", and on your Alt ending video also add "Alternative-Ending", and this will be scraped as its own entry in MC
"I Am Legend (2007).mkv"
"I Am Legend (2007) Alternative-Ending.mkv"
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