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Feature Request - Auto create screenshot by default

Mar 8 at 1:31 PM
I would like to see a way to create screenshots from the video file by default, rather than only if one is not available to download. Or, at least to be able to do full seasons or series instead of having to do one episode at a time.
Mar 8 at 5:29 PM
The default way to download screenshot is usually as someone has found a good moment in the video and uploaded it, where as creating screenshots automatically never ensures the screenshot is of something worthy.

Users tend to do this manually via the ScreenShot tab, so they can pick the best image to use.

Doing this automatically doesn't guarantee you get a image that relevant.
Mar 9 at 2:39 AM
This has been done, and will be in the next release.

If users un-select Auto Download Episode Thumbnail, and have Auto create Screenshot if TVDB does not have one, then on scraping, a Screenshot is created, not downloaded.

Batch Rescraper Wizard also allows to just create screenshots for Episode thumbnails.