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CodePlex shutting down.

Apr 1 at 6:45 AM
Hi Rob,

Now when CodePlex is shutting at the end of the year are we going to move over to GitHub?
Apr 1 at 8:47 PM
That is probably where we will transfer to.
Apr 28 at 10:15 PM
Will there be an email sent out when this happens, or just a blog post? Maybe even a pop-up at launch, like when there is an update available?
Apr 29 at 2:48 AM
Edited Apr 29 at 2:49 AM
Not sure if can do a email as we don't have a mailing list.

But the transition will be a gradual one, probably with links to the new site for downloads after a couple of months. And by then I'll have changed all links, wiki, documents etc over to the new host.
My idea was to go to GitHub, but SourceForge has improved since their takeover last January (and all those issues of added bloatware from the previous owners).
Plus, all my software, tools etc can be switch to SourceForge without having to learn new tools.

Have started moving code over there, and it is looking good. (better looking that Github, and easier to navigate).