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Console - search specific folder

May 10 at 1:59 AM

Is it possible to specify a folder (or root folder) for mc_com to search when a movie is added? I execute a search of my entire library every time I add a movie, but this takes a few minutes with my library. It would be quite handy (and quick to search) to be able to specify a specific subfolder to search when I add only one movie at a time. Thanks!
May 10 at 11:49 PM
This is not a feature in mc_com at this time.

as mc_com uses the same routine for searching/scraping movie as Media Companion, I would need to investigate if Media Companion can be coded to search a specific root Movie folder.

If you have one specific folder that you are adding new movies to, might I suggest a work around.
Create a new profile in Media Companion, with settings the same as the default profile, but with only the one Root Movie folder.

In mc_com, you can specify to run a specific profile.
Documentation - Command Line Utilty - mc_com.exe

eg: mc_com.exe -m -p "NewMovie"
where "NewMovie" is the name of the created profile.
May 11 at 11:17 PM
Thank you for the reply!

I will use the profile work around for now, thanks for the help!