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Turning off Check Database on Launch

May 15 at 11:16 AM
Is there any setting to stop Media Companion from checking the database on launch and in my case always reporting the Video File Missing notification?

I tend to move my media to my NAS after using MC to scrape from my SSD drive (for reasons of speed when scraping) so whenever I relaunch Media Companion to scrape new media, I am always getting this error message regarding the previously scraped file!
May 16 at 4:29 AM
There isn't that option in Media Companion, else you'd forget that you'd removed said movie.

Maybe a suggestion would be before closing Media Companion, to move the Movie, then in MC, do a Refresh to update the database.

One thing I find is if this happens to me, and I'm on the TV tab.

I'll see what I can do about the warning on may be possible to only warn when the user clicks the movie title.....will check.