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in multisave mode, tag(s) field get copied to all selected movies

May 26 at 11:18 AM
Edited May 26 at 11:20 AM
when I try to edit multi movies at once, it seems like the tag(s) field get copied to all movies,

is this on purpose. ?

I tried selecting several movies, and they all get the tag(s) text from first movie.
(the text from first movie is Shown in the tag(s) field, as the only nonempty field.. all other fields are empty when trying to multiedit)

And if i try to delete (blank) the Tag(s) field, it get blank on all movies selected.

i do not know if there will be some scenario, when editing several movies, you want the Tag(s) filed to get text from first selected movie, for easier editing,
otherwise it should come up empty as all other fields in and avoid overwriting all movies, when blank, or am I wrong ?
May 26 at 8:44 PM
Damn it.

Apologies, I did do some changes to that code about six releases ago. Seems I didn't test this thoroughly.

If I get this right, your editing Multi-movies on the main browser tab, and its affecting all movie Tags when saving.
Your not changing Tags by the Tag(s) Tab.

Checking we are on the same path.
May 29 at 8:51 PM
This will be fixed in the next release, guaranteed out later this week.