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Couple of TV Feature Requests

Jun 20 at 7:26 PM
I've been using Media Companion for a long time now and was wondering if a couple of things could be added/changed. This is on the TV side of things.

1] Could TV shows not be tied to their TVDB ID.

When I started using Media Companion you could throw a tv show and episode NFOs in the folder for a show and give them some basic information (title, seaosn/episode numbers, etc.) Media Companion would show the information fine. Now if you do that without a TVDB ID the TV show will display but you'll get multiple copies of each episode. Once you put something in the TVDB tag, the shows display correctly. Wold it be possible to tie a show to some unique id that is internal to MC only?

I know there has been talk of custom TV shows, but for the time being this would probably be an easier fix then writing a custom show scraper.

2] New Show/Episode highlighter. It would be nice to have some sort of indicator that shows which TV shows/episodes are new. Something that wouldn't go away till the user looks at the show/episode. Right now there is a lock, x and question mark icons for various states of shows. Maybe a Sun icon to show new would work.

The problem comes in when adding a lot of new shows to the library or refreshing for new episodes. The way I do it, is one show at a time to not miss anything which can get tedious.

3] Could custom season names be added to the program? And on a per-TV show basis.

See this -

This would allow users to name a season something different from "Season." Just like season 0 is always read as Specials.

Someone showed syntax being as this for the tag:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
    <title>Game Scoop!</title>
    <namedseason number="1">foo</namedseason>
    <namedseason number="2">bar</namedseason>
Thanks in advance. I love the program and all the work you devs do on it.
Jun 22 at 12:02 AM
Hi and Thanks for the suggestions.

It was decided that Series needed to be identified correctly and by TVDb Id was the best options.
This enabled episodes to be linked to the Series, enabling better database management in Media Companion.
Every Episode should contain the following tags.
    <runtime>52 min</runtime>
And we go to some lengths to ensure the Series ID, uniqueId etc are loaded into the Nfo's

It is always recommended to Pay it Back, so if data is missing from TVDB, please sign up with TVDb and upload new or updated data to the Series or episodes.

No.2: While it is entirely possible to accomplish this, the Filters for TV series would need to be overhauled. Alternatively, the Watched status could be used to distinguish between new Series/Episodes, but this would cause issue if Watched status is imported into Kodi.
Will have to think on how best to accomplish this. Added to the RoadMap as a Feature Request.

No.3: Yes, I have seen this functionality available in the Nfo. For now, I'll add this to the RoadMap as a Feature Request.
Jun 22 at 4:49 AM
Thanks for the answers.

I've regularly add content to the TVDB. It's just from time to time you find that the politics of the site get in the way of having the tv information showing the way you want it to. So sometimes you have to modify the NFOs because you can't edit them on the site. Also I have some shows that aren't allowed on TVDB. Quick example - Have I Got a Bit More News For You, they allowed it, then removed it for some reason. Don't get me wrong I love TVDB, but sometimes you scratch your head at their decisions form time to time.

Also a long time ago I decided to create a custom show for christmas specials to make things easier to find for the kids. That's kind of why I brought up the issue because custom shows always worked no problem pre-3.4 (before open source.) I get that things change over time, so I understand.

Thanks for the response and thanks for the great works you guys do on the program!
Jun 23 at 5:10 AM
From what I can see on the Season Naming, this is currently only running correctly in the Kodi 18 Nightly builds.
Tested with Kodi 17.1 and 17.3, and the naming wasn't being pulled into the database.

While this is something that I will add to Media Companion, it won't be a quick add.

I understand your reasons for the issue with custom series, but Custom TV will resolve all your above issue.
Also, when I finish the TMDB TV scraper, this will allow some of those other series (ones TVDB refuse, like your example Have I Got a Bit More News For You) to be scraped from TMDb instead.