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Tags bugs

Jul 29 at 8:04 AM
I noticed 2 bugs in the latest (x64) version in the Tags tab. This used to work, not sure which version it stopped working from.

Bug 1: On the Tags tab, the top box lists the existing tags. I noticed that 1 or 2 of the extisting tags are missing in this section.

Bug 2: In the second box below for adding a tag, "Add Tags to Movies" button adds a blank line (and a blank tag).
Jul 31 at 5:12 AM
Thanks for the info.

I see the addition of a blank line in the "List of available Tag(s)" when the Re-populate Tags from Movies button is selected, and I have fixed this.

As for missing existing tags in top box, the code is such that if a tag is used, and saved to a movie, it is then removed from custom tags list (top box) when the Tags tab is next selected.
I investigated if it was possible to keep custom tag entries in the top list after addition to a movie(s), and I think I have made it so that custom entered tags stay in the Top box.

These fixes will be in place for the next release.

As for the second box, after Add Tags to Movies is selected, I do not see a blank line, or blank tag in the second box (Current or Selected tags)
Aug 2 at 7:51 PM
Thanks. I will test it and provide feedback when the next version is released.

For the second issue, here is how to reproduce it.
  • Select a movie and then click on Tags
  • From the top window, select a tag from the list of existing tags
  • In the bottom window, click Add Tag(s) to Movie(s)
  • In the window left to the button, you will see a blank line, followed by a + and the name of the tag just added
  • Back on the Main Browser tab, you can see that the first tag added is " , ", followed by the intended tag just added.
BTW, I am running the latest x64 version. (3667b)
Aug 3 at 11:42 PM
3.667b? Believe the latest is 3.677b. but assume you did a Typo.

See below, added FireAnt to movie, no extra blank line in bottom list.

Aug 4 at 8:05 AM
Yes, indeed, the version name was a typo.

The difference in the test-case is that I am adding a brand new movie with no existing tags. Maybe you can try the test-case with a completely blank tags in the bottom window and tried to add a tag.

BTW, how do I include a picture here in the forum message?! I do not see a way to upload a picture first, there is just an option to include an url.
Aug 4 at 9:46 PM
Thank you. That was the step I was missing, Movie with no tags yet.
OK, will be fixed in the next release also.

As for Pictures, you need to upload them somewhere and then use the insert image, paste the link, and done.
I've used, and to host image I don't care about, but recently I've managed to share from Google Drive (difficult, but possible).
Sep 5 at 5:22 AM
BTW, just checking when do you expect to release the next version? Thanks.
Sep 5 at 7:36 AM
Should be a new release out this friday.