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How do I scrape a proper sort title the first time?

Aug 8 at 10:44 PM
None of my movies have A, An & The moved to the end of the sort title when I first add them to my library. I have to later "Scrape specific" and choose Title. If I then "Rescrape all" on the same movie, the sort title goes back to having A, An or The at the beginning.

"On scrape ignored articles to end of sort title" is checked.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
Aug 9 at 3:20 AM
Never mind. I found it.

Preferences / General & Common / Common Settings / Ignore Article options

Now I have no idea what "On scrape ignored articles to end of sort title" does.

Great program. If only all the settings were documented, or at least had tool tips.
Aug 9 at 4:47 AM
Glad you found it. And yes, the Help file needs updating. But, the documentation on the new SourceForge site, does list all the settings....If I remember correctly.
Media Companion Wiki @ SourceForge

In regards to "On scrape ignored articles to end of sort title", this option was added as some users just wanted the A, An & The moved for the Sort Title field.
Easier to add this to the Movie Scraper, than to the General Preferences.