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  • Cache
MC uses a cache mechanism to speed the display of the Movie & TV show information. Basically MC stores the contents of each nfo file into its own dedicated file so that it only needs to load a single file on start-up instead of a lot of individual files. As information is changed by the user of MC, both the nfo & the cache files are updated.
  • Fanart
Fanart are pictures that are based on a Movie or TV Show that have been created by fans of the show.
  • File Extension
Used by MC to determine if a particular file is a video file or not. The file extension is the characters after the last '.' character in the filename. As an example, the filename 'video.mpg', the extension is 'mpg'.
  • Genres
A type or category of movie such as Action, Romance, Science Fiction. A particular movie can have more than one genre in order to define its category better.
  • nfo
Used by MC & XBMC to store information relating to a particular video file. Examples of what is stored in the file are the 'Movies Name', 'Genre' & 'Plot'. MC creates the nfo files which are in a compatible format for XBMC to import.
  • Online/Offline Movies
An online movie as far as MC is concerned is defined as a video file that is actually stored on a device that allows direct playback by MC or XBMC.
An offline movie is something like a DVD or Bluray that needs to be physically loaded in order to play the file. MC allows the information about a particular offline movie to still be generated & integrated into MC as if the movie was online.
  • Posters
Posters are pictures depicting a Movie or TV Show. Usually they are designed to advertise an upcoming show. Like fanart, they can be downloaded & shown in MC.
  • Regex
Provides a concise and flexible means for matching strings of text, such as particular characters, words, or patterns of characters. Further information can be found here.
  • Sets
Sets is a feature of XBMC to allow you to group related movies for display purposes. Instead of listing as an example all of the Star Trek movies, XBMC will list a folder named 'Star Trek Movies' for example. If you select that folder XBMC will then show you all of those movies separately. It is basically a method to reduce the list sizes for large video collections to make it easier to navigate the lists.
  • Scraper, Scrape, Rescrape
A scraper is a list of instructions that a program uses to retrieve information about a Movie or TV Show usually from a web site. A scraper for example may return a movies title, genre or plot. MC uses scrapers to populate all of the information about a Movie or TV Show.
  • Screenshot
Is a picture of a single frame from a video file. Usually the particular frame is chosen as a representation of what the TV Show episode is about.
  • Specials
TV Shows sometimes have special episodes. These are episodes outside of the normal season episodes. An example of that would be a Christmas special. In most cases they are defined as Season 0 (zero) so that they can be grouped & displayed in a concise way along with the usual seasons.
  • Trailers
Are short video clips to advertise an upcoming movie. Some movies have more than one trailer.
  • XBMC
An advanced Media Player capable of running on multiple operating systems & hardware. A good summary can be found here.

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