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Adding or changing Poster



Changing posters works similarly to Fanart, except that you have four Source options to choose from, not including Local artwork or a Online URL.
When you first go to the poster window after selecting a movie it will be blank until you choose one of the four Source buttons corresponding to the four websites to scrape posters from.
Any of the four will usually give you many options to choose from, but bare in mind that results will often include several choices in different languages.

Once loaded, you will see how many posters are available from the selected source, 10 of which are loaded to preview. You can Page Next or Page Previous to navigate the available poster.

Double click any preview or existing image to get a Zoomed version. (NB: Double click zoomed image to return).

Saved image resolution is normally what is displayed by the preview image. Only site shows this information. But, the saved resolution can be set by the user in Movie Preferences -> Artwork Tab.

As with fanart, you also have the option to use a custom poster by using the URL or Browse button, and also from Google or Paste from Clipboard.

Any Poster shown in the Current Poster box can be cropped. Only when the user presses the Save Changed button will the cropped image be saved in place of the original image downloaded.

Note: The Green Show MovieSet Poster button. If your movie is part of a Movie Set, pressing this button will allow you to find a poster for the Movie Set. NB: Only source is for Set posters. If a Set poster already exists, this is displayed in the Current Poster Box.
See Movie Preferences -> Artwork tab, for setting the save location of MovieSet artwork.

Finally, Notice the 8 Missing line below the Current Poster box. This indicates there are 8 movies in your library that are missing their posters. You can use the Prev-Next buttons to cycle between movies missing posters.

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