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Main Movie Browser tab

The heart of Media Companion Movies, is the Browser tab.

But there is so much that can be done on this tab, that we need to split functions up some. Main Tab discussion is below, and here are the extra functions separated and explained.

The Browser Tab


While attempting to present sufficient information already scraped for a Movie, we have strived to group data clearly for the user to get the best experience.

Two Short-Cut keys.

F3 - Search, F5 - Refresh.

Left side of the Browser is the Movie selection and filtering.
Right side of the Browser tab displays all the scraped data for the selected Movie.


Looking over this sections, you can see Media Companion gathers quite a bit of Data for the Movie.
In the above Image2, Fanart, Poster are displayed for the selected Movie. If Users have also downloaded artwork from Fanart.TV, or the movie has MovieSet artwork, these are indicated as present in the Extra Artwork box. Clicking any of the artwork names displays a preview of the available image.
EG: Disc is selected and the image is overlayed over the Fanart image.
The extra artwork selected for preview is only present while the mouse in in the Extra Artwork box.

Users can manually edit fields, or right-click on a heading to rescrape a specific field (See Image3 below).
Remember to click the Save button at the top if you have manually altered fields.
Click the Rescrape Button to fully rescrape the selected Movie. Great if you changed info, saved and possibly got it wrong.

There is a Select button below the Plot heading. Clicking this button will check IMDB for multiple plots, and display them for the user to select their preferred plot.


There are right-click Context Menus all over the browser tab, adding easy access to common functions. Please follow the link for more information on Context Menus.

If the Movie was scraped with Alternative Titles, the user can select these by the drop arrow on the Movie Title.

Also there is a Drop arrow beside the Actor's list. Or the user can move their mouse over the list, and use their mouse wheel to scroll through the actors, which will also display the Actor's Image if downloaded.

Want to change the MovieSet, or put a movie into a MovieSet? Select the drop arrow beside the Set list, and choose the MovieSet you'd like allocated. Remember to Save the movie.

Lastly, on the bottom of the scraped data section, we see the Trailer Button, Play button and Watched Status button. Watched button toggles Watched or UnWatched. Play Button will open your default Video handler or one selected in Preferences, and Play the selected Movie.
Trailer button. This button has three states.
1. No Trailer URL - If this is displayed, use the Rescrape specific to get the Trailer URL

2. Download Trailer. Clicking this will start the Download of the Trailer, to the Movies folder, named with -trailer.extn.


3. Play Trailer

Once you have added your Root movie folders, Clicking the Search button, or F3 key, will begin a search through Root Movie Folder(s), including Offline Folder(s) and MediaStub Root folder(s) for video files without corresponding valid nfo files.

Also, The Movie Browser list supports Drag and Drop.  Drag either the Movie file, or the Movie’s folder and release it over the Movie Browse List, and Media Companion will scrape it.  Easy for those who want to quickly scrape a new Movie.

Note:  Movie doesn’t need to be in a Root Movie Folder, but Renaming of the Folder is not supported.  Also, if not in a Root Movie Folder, on Refresh the newly added Movie will disappear.


So, Go for Gold!

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