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Movie Browser Tab - Context Menus

Many of the features of Media Companion are available from the main Browser tab for quick access.

The Movie List has a extensive context menu.  Right-click on any selected movie and you’ll see…


From Playing the selected Movie, to Deleting the movie(s) nfo and artwork for a Fresh Scrape, to Renaming the Movie and/or folder, and being able to Rescrape a Specific field, it’s here.


Majority of these functions are available in Multi-Mode, Where the user selects Two or more movies


But that isn’t the end of the Context menus.

You can also right-click on the Fanart or Poster to either download or rescrape the Image.








And as mentioned in the Movie Browser document, you can right-click most field Titles below the artwork, to rescrape that field only.

There is one more to mention. Genre.  If the User right-clicks on the actual genre text, not the field label, they can get a Genre Selection Box, to set whatever genre they feel is correct for the selected Movie.


This list is comprised from a default Genre List, as well as a Custom Genre list the user can place in the Settings folder.

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