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Movie Folders Tab

At the Core of Movies, Media Companion needs to know where you have stored you Movies.  This can be one or many “Root” movie folders.

By “Root” we mean that this is the Base folder for a group of Movies.


Your movies can be organised however you please, and MC uses a recursive search method so subfolders will be checked.
i.e. 'C:/Movies/'
Would allow MC to find any movies located within the "Movies" folder, and all of its subfolders.

Note:  Root Movie Folders have a Check box beside them.  Un-checked Movie Folders, are ignored from adding Movies to Media Companion, including Scrapeing of new Movies.

Root Movie Folder also Supports Drag and Drop.  Drag a Root Movie Folder to the Movie Folders list and release to have it added to the list.


Offline Movie Folders.

Offline Movie Folders are a feature of Media Companion that allows your DVD/Blu-Ray Collection to be added to your library without it being stored on your system.

To add an offline movie, create a folder in one of your selected offline movie folders and label it as the title of the movie it represents.
eg: \Offline Movie Folder\Star Trek.

Note:  Offline Movie Folders does not support Drag and Drop.
When Media Companion searches for new movies it will search for the movie and add the appropriate nfo, tbn, and fanart to the folder, it will also create a 16 second movie clip from the fanart that asks you to insert the Appropriate Disk.

The search for offline movies is not recursive, so make sure the folders you want added are in one of your offline movie folder roots.

More Info on this older Document page

In the above example I added the title Titanic as an Offline Video.

Media Companion created a short video clip, using the Movie’s Fanart as the backdrop.


If you have removed or added folders then use the "Save & Refresh" button to save the folders and update the movie list.  Once folders have been added and saved, use the "Search", or ‘F3’ to start Media Companion to scrape any located media.


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