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Movie Preferences - Scraper Tab

All Scraped data from either IMDB or TheMovieDb site is set on this tab. (Excluding artwork)


The first section of this tab is selecting the TMDB XBMC scraper, or leaving Media Companion to scrape data from IMDB and using Media Companions own TMBD API for other data.

The default is to use Media Companion’s default IMDB/TMBD  scraper. Here users can set the IMDB Mirror, where to scrape Actor Images from and to only scrape primary plot from IMDB.


Or Users can select to use XBMC/Kodi TheMovieDB (TMDB) scraper.  This scraper is the same as used by XBMC/Kodi, and kept updated.  There are a couple of changes or additions to the TMDB Scraper, where we get all Countries, Studio’s and Writers instead of Kodi’s default single Country, Studio and Writer.

Also, User’s can select to get specific fields from IMDB.  Stars, Votes, Top250, Rating etc.

And this is where users set their language, preferred certificate and if to download Actor images from TMDB.


Note the Three options as the bottom of the previous two images.

Max Actors, Max Genres and Max Studio’s.  These three options are common setting for both Media Companion Scraper or XBMC/Kodi TMDB scraper.


Preferred language for Image artwork is selectable, or users can define their own language ID.

If Movies are in their own folders under the Root movie Folder, then selecting either Use Folder Names for scraping or All movies are in folders will allow the saving of ExtraThumbs.

Use Folder Names for Scraping means Media Companion will take the Folder Title as the Movie’s Title and search accordingly.  The Movie filename can be unique or set to something like Movie.<extn>. See option Basic Save Mode.



Lastly is Saving of Keywords as Tag entries, and if the user wishes to store Movie Set names if the Movie being scraped is in a MovieSet,  and choosing to scrape the Movie Title as the Original Title instead of known Title.



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