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The Movie Toolbar

Clicking on the Movie heading in the Toolbar, brings the user some extra options, including

  • Movie Set ID Check
  • Batch Rescraper Wizard (Link to Document page)
  • Export Movie List
  • Downsize all Fanart or Posters to selected size


Besides the usual Search and Refresh Movies, the options listed above require some additional information.

1.  Movie Set ID Check

To get the most from Movie Sets, it is required that all movies in a Set, are allocated the TMDB Set ID.  This Toolbar option does just that, and a bit more.

Clicking on the link will run  through all movies loaded in Media Companion, checking only those movies allocated to Sets, and confirming they have a TMDB Set ID.  If the Movie is found to have this ID missing, the ID is Scraped from TMDB.

After the check is complete, Media Companion then gets the titles and TMDB ID’s of all movies belonging to Sets, that are currently in Media Companions Database.  This is so we can display all movies in a Set, and show which movies are in Media Companion, and which are missing from the Set.  This is displayed on the Movie & Tags Set tab.



2. Batch Rescraper Wizard.

This function requires it own page, see here for much more information.

3.  Export Movie List.

Users can select to export their Movies using any number of pre-defined Export Templates.

Or, user’s can create/modify templates to their own requirements.  More info on templates is explained on this Doc page.  If a User does alter/edit or create a new template, they can click on the Tools toolbar link, and select ‘Reload HTML Templates’ so they can make changes and test on the fly, without closing down Media companion.

If a User creates a custom Template that they feel would benefit the Media Companion community, please open a new Issue and attach the template txt file.  A Custom name if recommended.  The Dev’s will assess and added to Media Companion’s stable of Templates.

4.  Downsize of Fanart/Poster to selected size.

These two options, will run through all Movies loaded in Media Companion, downsizing all Fanart or Posters (depending on choice selected), to the Preset Fanart or Poster size selected in Movie Preferences –> Artwork Tab.

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